Vloggers with less than 50000 subscribers?



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    I just found randomprodinc the other day, and he's fantastic! He has less than 18,000 subscribers, but deserves so many more!
    by Mandy22
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    well me and my friends are all starting out and have less than *cough100cough* but
    heres me Creekkid
    but i've also found some pretty cool vloggers who are more successful than me but still have under 5,000 and are awesome
    @Mishiewishie myfakebritishaccent  vlogs and talks about disney art she's cool
    randomlilnikki is my australian buddy 
    Mele  found her thru project for awesome
    racha she is cool and british and stuff
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    Here is my channel, if anyone would be so kind as to watch me =] Thanks!
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    Have a pleasant day
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    Try this =]

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    I'm mad at everyone to be frank.
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    TheMeFund said:
    I like me, you should too :)

    As far as others, I agree with @NowWeAreAllTom his list is excellent.
    I just totally checked out your channel and I agree that I should like you, too. Subscribed and looking forward to watching!

    As for other small-time vloggers... I have less than 15 subscribers.... sad, sad day. To be fair, though, I am not so great at the vlogging. I'm working at it, though!
    I am a writer. I write so that you will never know me but you will know more about me than I could ever explain. 

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    I know quite a few content creators with less than 5000 subs, first being

    Ray Roberts 



    and myself haha

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    Hello, I am very new here, my friend Sam told me about this place.
    I also have a youtube channel with not very many subscribers

    I've done some skits, factual vlogs and personal vlogs etc and stuff and things.


    by nikshutup
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    I am a vlogger with less than 50K views :D Also south african, so that is pretty neat!

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    I made videos... Lots of vlogs and occasionally a short film or something like that. This is my most recent vlog.
  • MarcWilkinsonMarcWilkinson Posts: 55
    I just posted my 30th video, and am soon to his 10,000 total views (and 150 subscribers)!!! I know it's not much in YouTube numbers, but it's a big milestone for me. If you want to help me out, that'd be awesome! I promise I'm funny sometimes, and hopefully have some insight into living in LA & film buisness, if you're interested in that stuff.

    My vlog is The Adventure and you can find it here!

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    I hate vlogs so I don't really watch a lot of vlogs but last year I started a vlog channel just to try and upload more content and kinda let people know I'm still around because I don't have a schedule or anything for making videos. I just kind of make stuff happen when I get an idea for stuff to happen.

    Oh and my vlog channel is www.youtube.com/rialvestrovlogs my main channel is the same just take out the word vlogs.
    by RialVestro
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    AQuackingDuck from Nolessthansevennerds has a greatly underappreciated channel that I love:D also myself, I have 28. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxDJ5h1w8-te3Uhjj6nPdmA/videos?view=0&flow=grid 
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    Here are two Youtube-friends of mine who I think make great videos:

    (About big numbers and the Rubik's Cube)
    (Having a dance)

    Also I really like marinashutup

    and (although he's not really a vlogger) pleasantryan

    Youtube (If you're into that sort of thing.)
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    AdventuresforAwesome deserves 50,000 subscribers but barely has 300.  And he's a Nerdfighter!
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    I opened this thread completely misreading the title. I left a zero out, and thought I'd be seeing vloggers with less than 5,000 subscribers. When I saw MorganPaigeLoves and ThatZak in the introductory post, I became very confused. :-D

    My suggestions are all on the low end...not necessarily under 5,000, but definitely way under 50,000. Ordered from most to least subscribers, here we go...
    • Dr. Noise is technically a music channel first, but he does a lot of vlogging, and dabbles with fairly experimental stuff on top of that (his detailed Choose Your Own Adventure game is one of my favorite things on YouTube). Also, his music rocks. It's likely you've seen one or both of his Nerdfighter songs, but are you subscribed? You should be. 7,840 subscribers as of this writing.
    • LeslieFoundHerGrail is a brilliant teller of amusing stories. She's always had a unique way of viewing things, and has always been hilarious. Time has only sharpened her wit. If you have not yet exposed yourself to her wit, you're missing out. 6,014 subscribers as of this writing.
    • abb3rz07/abberz07 has two channels due to a snafu a while back, but now both channels are active, with abb3rz07 (her newer channel) as her main and abberz07 (the old one) as her alternate, secondary channel. She does a mix of vlogs and makeup tutorials, and talks a fair bit about music as well (she does a fair bit of band photography, sometimes officially and sometimes just for kicks). 5,942 subscribers on abb3rz07 and 2,841 subscribers on abberz07 as of this writing.
    • TheMeFund is right: you should like him. His content is always top-notch. Profoundly insightful, and even if you don't agree, he gets your brain churning. Good discussions and general deep thinking result. 3,231 subscribers as of this writing.
    • AdamTheAlien...well, I can't go without a little bit of self promotion, can I? 1,769 subscribers as of this writing.
    • Chris Bogdan is a vlogger, a father, and a generally fun and funny guy. A lot of his vlogs involve his kids, who are just plain ridiculous.
    • Mlemleh is one I discovered through the most recent Project for Awesome. I'm not sure how to define her stuff, as there's a variety, but it's always entertaining. Especially her "Emily Reads 50 Shades of Grey" series. 1,146 subscribers as of this writing.
    • NormanTweeter is a troupe of puppeteers whose vlogs are mostly movie reviews, but they have some standard vlogs, skits, and man-on-the-street interview stuff as well. A variety of stuff, always with puppets. 357 subscribers as of this writing.
    • Nicole Dieker (formerly Blueinthefuture), also known as her one-woman band "Hello, The Future," is primarily a music channel. But like Dr. Noise, she mixes vlogging in, either as part of the song video or with specific vlog-only videos. Surprisingly low subscriber rate, great videos & music. 281 subscribers as of this writing.
    • Julia Wilde is a brand-new vlogger just getting into it for the first time with a science vlog. As such the first video (only one that's up now) is rough, but displays a great mix of personality, energy, humor, and education. 24 subscribers as of this writing.
    by AdamTheAlien
    - Adam J. Manley
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    I'm also following Chris Boden (http://www.youtube.com/user/Physicsduck/) who is trying to build the largest hacker space in the world. 
  • mixonlmixonl Posts: 3
    Hey guys! I actually just started a daily vlog thing for my senior year of college. I am actually terrified of how many things are going to change this year and wanted to vlog it to get some clarity and maybe connect with some youtubers. I'm only on Day 9, so I'm pretty new to it. 

    Here's my channel! Check it out if you're interested.
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    Recently just got into the vlogging community and here are some reasonably small time vloggers that I think deserve some attention.

    • peppermillietea, a very talented vlogger, really great flow, talks about school and things that interest her. Also she's hilarious. At 1.1K subs.
    • Yellingatconcrete is a vlogger. Very talented editor, in my opinion (but hey, what do I know?) and I think he talks about some pretty insightful things. Currently at about 300 subs.
    Or don't. I don't really want to 
    twist you arm or anything...
    You totally should, though.
    I'll just help you out with that
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    by mixonl
  • starryknight_10starryknight_10 Posts: 23
    My favorites are Batnitt Begins and InaNook. They are both relatively unknown and also highly hysterical.

    I also have a few channels I'm involved in. My main channel is with my best friend is ThatsaKAP and I have my own solo channel Miss Knightwatch.
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    My top three are:

    i dont think any of them are even at 5000, go take a look theyre really cool!


    (_______. + ‘ ¯ ‘ +.

    _‘ + . _ .  ‘ ____•._))

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    Here's my channel where I post new comedy vlogs every Friday: https://www.youtube.com/user/amygofficial?sub_confirmation=1
  • cazortcazort Jenkintown, PAPosts: 194 ✭✭✭
    I haven't found any undiscovered / low-profile bloggers that I really love yet.  I do have my own channel though:

    I'm currently at 42 subscribers!  I talk about a lot of things and I think I have some really good insights to share.  I would really like to be able to reach more people because I think some of my ideas are really valuable and could have the potential to help a lot of people.

    I talk about so many things, from mental illness (and how to prevent or overcome it), to money management, to environmental issues, to issues of communication in interpersonal relationships, and all sorts of other random stuff.
    Find me on: YouTube | Tumblr | Twitter | Cazort.net (my website) | Wizzley
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    This guy is pretty NSFW, but he's entertaining and he said he's going to be coming back soon.
    by NackPT
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    This is my channel; at 113 subs, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwScQig7dbwGhcp80cJ6jdA
    And this is a link to the nerdfighter ning video page, a lot of nerdfighter channels post there, http://nerdfighters.ning.com/video
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    I have just started a vlog this last month, I have been a nerd fighter for 10+ years and I got the tattered pizza John shirt to prove it. Pleas help an aspiring vlogger out by liking and subscribing to my youtube channel :smile:
  • Hey guys, I just found this old thread and decided to post on here because my wife and I recently started vlogging on YouTube and we have like ~40 subs at the time of me writing this and I just wanted to promote our small channel some.

    I truly hope I'm not breaking any etiquette here, but I'm just looking for any constructive feedback that you guys are willing to offer. So please check us out and feel free to like, sub, share, etc.... only if you want to and if you like it :smiley:


    Thank you so much!
    Kelsey and Jonathan
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    Hey fellow Nerdfighters! My name is Mike and I have a vlog on YouTube and I would really appreciate if you guys checked it out. I have been a nerdfighter for seven years, I am the proud owner of a pizza john t-shirt. So if you would like to support a fellow OG Nerdfighter please click the link to go to my channels and like if you like my videos and be sure to smash that subscribe button. Thank you my fellow Nerdfighters and thank you for making Nerdfighteria the most amazing place on the internet!

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