melsk125melsk125 Posts: 11
Hi! I'm currently living in Tokyo, Japan. Any nerdfighters in Tokyo and want to meet up? :)))


  • musickitten101musickitten101 TokyoPosts: 481 ✭✭✭
    I wonder what the Nerdfighterian population is in Tokyo. There should be a Nerdfighter gathering here (if the population is big enough).
  • melsk125melsk125 Posts: 11
    Yeah, let's see if a lot of people reply to this discussion ...
  • MimiMimi Posts: 10
    Think it's bad in Tokyo, try Oita's ド田舎www
    "Ninja is supreme and you have double crossed it!"
  • I'm in Fukuoka prefecture. Closer than Tokyo at least!
  • HoltzaHoltza Posts: 15
    I'll spend two months in Sapporo this spring. Any nerdfighters around there? Could probably spend the weekends traveling, as well.

    @melsk125 @musickitten101 I'll be in Tokyo in the end of June/beginning of July. I'm not "a lot of people", but I wouldn't mind a small gathering if you're still there.
  • musickitten101musickitten101 TokyoPosts: 481 ✭✭✭
    I've been wondering...are there any native Japanese nerdfighters (besides me and @mimi ?)
  • plantattacksplantattacks Posts: 4
    I'm from tokyo! :D
  • musickitten101musickitten101 TokyoPosts: 481 ✭✭✭
    We should totally do a NF meet up in Tokyo. Like seriously.
  • Still no one else around Fukuoka? I should probably post in Fukuoka Now! :)
  • lisaradgirllisaradgirl Posts: 4
    I am looking to make some connections with Nerdfighters in Japan. I lead the Pittsburgh Area Nerdfighters and we are talking about some ideas for a presentation at a Japanese Culture Convention in Pittsburgh called Tekko. We have a year to plan this so if anyone would like to help out or have suggestions for us, let me know!
  • NoviahNoviah Posts: 1
    It's been a year since the last post but I was wondering if there is still any interest in kicking off a Japanese Nerdfighter Group.  I am not located in Tokyo but I'm sure we can still make some awesome happen.  
  • aaanneliaaanneli Posts: 1
    I'm currently in Tokyo. Staying here for a month so I have plenty of time for a meet up :)
  • _abcdefujii_abcdefujii Japan Posts: 1
    Anyone currently in Japan (preferably Kanto region)??
  • kyougokazumikyougokazumi Osaka, JapanPosts: 11
    The thread is almost dead, but anybody? Preferably Kansai?
  • melvinhopsmelvinhops Posts: 3
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