Chicago Field Museum

The Chicago Field Museum is a great opportunity for The Brain Scoop to show us things that Emily wouldn't have been able to back in Montanna.
And it's particularly special for Emily as a commenter on the latest video suggests.
Speaking of Emily's enthusiasm, did any of you get the feeling that it was starting to irritate Bill? Especially when he said "I'm, not a liar" and "this is diddly squat".
I don't if that's just my interpretation.


  • EstherAlexandraEstherAlexandra EnglandPosts: 89
    @Twinleaf I love the series, and I think it's especially good because you get to watch Emily adorably freak out and fangirl about everything - it somehow how makes it all more exciting to learn about. I've done quite a lot of volunteer work in museums and nothing was anywhere near as interesting as in the Chicago Field Museum, so I kind of get why it was such a big deal for her. 
  • The Field Museum is just awesome.
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