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    Would you rather have a modest or flamboyant boy/girlfriend?
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    Depends on exactly what you mean by flamboyant. When the other option is modest for some reason I'm thinking she's some kind of exhibitionist who's going to go around getting drunk at bars and taking her top off for strangers and no way in hell would I want to date someone like that. On the other hand flamboyant doesn't necessarily have to be going to such extremes like that just the way you worded the question made me think that way. I guess I'm going to choose modest. I wouldn't mind her being a little more outgoing but without knowing exactly how flamboyant you're talking I'm sticking with the safer option.

    I got three options for this one... Would you rather.

    A. Have to wear the same underwear every day for a month.

    B. Go an entire month without wearing any underwear at all.

    C. All your underwear for a month has to be meant for the opposite gender.

    This includes bras as well so if you're a girl both B and C means no bra for a month. If you're a dude option C means you have to wear bras for a month.
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