What age did you read your first John green book and what was it?



  • manateesrockmanateesrock Posts: 10
    I'd been watching Vlogbrothers videos on and off for a year, but my first John Green book was "Paper Towns" and I was 18.
  • Nat_attack7Nat_attack7 New Jersey Posts: 22
    13 and paper towns. I'm pretty sure.
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  • neverdiealexisneverdiealexis New YorkPosts: 13
    I actually just finished The Fault in Our Stars a couple of days ago and I'm 13. 
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  • I was eleven and I read Paper town. I'm still eleven. :D
  • abeagaleabeagale OxfordPosts: 2
    24. I have read all of them in the past year, in one massive binge, but I'm not ashamed. They made awesome Christmas reading!
  • abeagaleabeagale OxfordPosts: 2
    Oh, and TFIOS first, follow'd by An Abundance of Katherines...and Paper Towns last!
  • burncurn17burncurn17 Posts: 2
    Tfios last year when I was 24. Led to vlogbrothers, looking for Alaska and paper towns
  • neverdiealexisneverdiealexis New YorkPosts: 13
    I was eleven and I read Paper town. I'm still eleven. :D
    i haven't read that yet. was it good?
    Human reason can excuse any evil; that is why it's so important that we don't rely on it

    Divergent - Veronica Roth

  • CandidCallalilyCandidCallalily Posts: 4
    Sadly I am a baby in the Nerdfighter community. I began with TFiOS last summer when I was 20. Bought it on my Kindle, finished in in 3 days, and then bought the 4 pack of his novels (including a hard copy of TFiOS) and marathoning Vlogbrothers non-stop!
  • CalciferCalcifer Posts: 5
    I was thirteen when I read "The Fault in Our Stars." I recently read "This Star Won't Go Out," and started thinking about the books again. What inspiring stories.... I can't even think, trying not to cry aah. 
  • WoodieDaThirdWoodieDaThird Posts: 2
    Just finished looking for alaska, in my 24th year of this lil' adventure. I think I'm hooked...
  • ryan_tryan_t TorontoPosts: 9

    In chronological order: TFIOS, Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns. 

    Apparently I'm a young adult.
  • 4everGracieK4everGracieK Posts: 2
    The Fault in Our Stars, 13, almost read all (need to finish Katherines and Let it Snow and read Will Grayson)
  • 4everGracieK4everGracieK Posts: 2
    LuFeijo said:
    I was/am 15, and it was TFioS, but if I has known John before that age, I would probably have read it earlier
    i'm the same way, i got into YouTube kind of late and read it when I found them :)
  • MyNguyen0601MyNguyen0601 Posts: 3
    13 TFIOS. Which was just this year because i cant find it in my country until recently
  • justhazeljusthazel The Middle of Nowhere, Isle of ManPosts: 3
    14, Looking For Alaska ^.^
  • csquaredverbscsquaredverbs Hamburg, NYPosts: 2
    My first John Green book was Looking for Alaska, which I think I read at age 19.
  • sheepybeesheepybee NorwayPosts: 5
    I read An abundance of Katherines at 23, Looking for Alaska, then Paper towns and the the fault in our stars a couple of months ago. I am still 23..
  • MrsGeekFreakMrsGeekFreak Posts: 3
    17. TFIOS. An Abundance of Katherines is next on my list!
  • NerdWriterFighterNerdWriterFighter HogwartsPosts: 167 ✭✭
    I was 13 when I read TFIOS.  It was the first book that I had read for the entire summer because I was too focused on reading Anne Frank for school.
  • TFIOS I was in year 8 or year 7 so I was about 12/13
  • AccioSamShimAccioSamShim MalaysiaPosts: 17
    TFIOS when I was 14. Which lead to me reading all the other books and also vlogbrothers. :D
  • callmequeenbeecallmequeenbee Quezon City, PhilippinesPosts: 14
    I was 11 and it was An Abundance of Katherines. 

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  • I was 16 and it was Papertowns :)
  • whovian_metaphorwhovian_metaphor Posts: 2
    12 and The Fault In Our Stars!
  • KurokamiKurokami Posts: 110 ✭✭
    19, Paper Towns...still reading it, I'm out of practice.
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  • TheUnicornScribeTheUnicornScribe MalaysiaPosts: 30
    I believe I was 14, just under a year ago, when I read TFIOS. My friend had started reading it, so I did too. It was amazing. I have a curse where every time I read a book, a movie comes out a few months or so later. The TFiOS movie hadn't even been announced—I think it was announced like 3 months after I finished the book. Since then, I've read all John's books except his co-authored ones, which I haven't gotten around to yet. However, I only officially became a nerdfighter about a week ago. I read the books before finding the channel ^^ I'd seen some of their crash course videos before, though, and really liked them. So perhaps I was unofficially a nerdfighter. DFTBA!
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  • amanthasayamanthasay Posts: 3
    I was 24 and read TFiOS first. Then immediately consumed the rest of his books. That was only a little over a year ago. But what a difference a year has made after discovering Nerdfighteria! :)
  • judgingfromafarjudgingfromafar Colorado (New Mexico in the summer)Posts: 24
    I was around 14 and I believe it was either The fault In Our Stars or Paper Towns. 
  • AnimatedDavidAnimatedDavid Posts: 9
    26, Paper Towns.

    I'm so old!
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