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Hi everyone,

So I just finished Looking For Alaska (again) and this time I gave it some more thought re. the labyrinth and Miles' final paper for Religion. Having done the same about Paper Towns and Margo's strings theory, I wanted to know what you guys think. Are we made up of the sum of our parts? Can we ever be totally broken? Is there a last string or are we really, as Miles says, invincible? My brain can't handle many more of these questions so please help! Sorry for the brief explanation, this is my first discussion.

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    I don't know if we are invincible. I know that everyone dies. I don't know about an afterlife. I know that no one has lived to tell us about the after life.
    But one of the things I really loved in Miles's last essay was the idea of applying law of conservation of energy to the human soul. "Energy cannot be created or destroyed." I've spent a really long time grappling for meaning in this short life, and this seems to say that I don't have a choice in whether or not I'll leave something behind. Maybe it won't be huge. Maybe it'll be tiny, left behind in one person. But it will be there.
    Because there has to have been that one day, when I said something that made someone rethink something, or feel better. I don't want to push it, but maybe there's been multiple. I don't know. 
    That's another theme in Looking for Alaska, not knowing and coming to peace with it. Miles, after all, never learns exactly why or how Alaska dies. He doesn't know anything for sure about the afterlife. But he finds a way to accept it.
    So I don't know if that answers your questions, but those are some of the big things that I took from the book.
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    I believe that we are invincible, which means we believe that we are invincible even to death.  We are made of parts though.  Think about who you are with different people.  Think about who Alaska was around different people, who Miles was, who Quentin was, who Margo was.  We are all different parts, and those parts break, but it's almost as if they are all wrapped around a singular thing, our soul or mind or whatever you want to call it.  When that thing breaks its detrimental, but we have never stopped being invincible.  We simply have stopped believing that we are invincible to anything but death.  Death can be conquered, because it will lead us to the oblivion.  It will stop the only time we know.  So we are all those things but more than anything we are perception.

    Here's a link to a TED talk that talks a lot about why one commits suicide: 
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