John's Books in your pants

crazypenguincrazypenguin SerbiaPosts: 22
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Have you noticed how John's book titles stopped being good "in your pants" candidates only AFTER the joke was introduced.

Looking For Alaska
An Abundance Of Katherines
--joke appears--
Paper Towns
Will Grayson Will Grayson
The Fault In Our Stars

Thoughts? ^^
by crazypenguin
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  • palinalifpalinalif Iceland. Unfortunately.Posts: 15
    Holy... Huh.
  • Pandagirl8Pandagirl8 Posts: 17
    oh yeah...
  • gingernerd5598gingernerd5598 Posts: 2

    well played John well played.....

  • KittyRoseGrangerKittyRoseGranger 221B, the TARDISPosts: 24
    I don't know... Looking For Alaska In Your Pants sounds fine... Although why one would look in your pants for Alaska is another story entirely...
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  • rhicks2009rhicks2009 Posts: 6
    Hmmm.... looking forward to Alaska in my pants (thats definitely what Pudge thought) works, I guess. Also, the Fault in our Pants... just a thought :)
  • CrystalCrystal Missouri Posts: 5
    edited October 2014
    Well I think "An Abundance Of Katherines" works for "in your pants" and "Looking For Alaska" also works. Though I agree with @KittyRoseGranger‌. It is another story entirely. :P
    by Crystal
  • mischief_managed29mischief_managed29 Troy, MichiganPosts: 21
    I wonder if that was intentional on John's part or if it was just a coincidence. 
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  • ZoaThePersonZoaThePerson Nevada, the land o' dirtPosts: 243 ✭✭
    When did Let it Snow (in your pants) come out I'm pretty sure it's apj (after pants joke). It's a pretty good one and could ruin the whole thing if it is apj. John's story in the book is called A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle (in your pants). It isn't as good as Let it Snow, but it kinda works.
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  • Luke_Earl_MolleLuke_Earl_Molle Earl of Peace Jefferson, IaPosts: 3,008 ✭✭✭✭
    Are you saying Will Grayson Will Grayson in your pants isn't rather punny. Also I think Let it Snow: Three Holiday Romances which included John, Maureen Johnson, and some other guy, came out after the joke was made public.
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  • The-Artist-IncognitoThe-Artist-Incognito Hogwarts...always hogwarts Posts: 12
    I think an entire paper towns in your pants is rather hilarious - an uncharted region in your pants....
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