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I'm a big big fan of retro video games, like, Atari through PS1. One of my life goals is to have a big vintage game collection. I figure there's some other people here who have the same mindset, so yeah.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on old games and systems? Are you playing with power, or are you all about that blast processing? Do you like, 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit, or 64 bit? Would you rather chill in an arcade? Do you own any cool systems? Weren't the old commercials for those just about the greatest thing ever?

So I do not own anything, right now. Off and on for the past couple years I've tried to start getting stuff, but I've never had any m$$ney. Right now, I'm in the process of buying a Genesis, and I would buy a Gameboy if the dude from craiglist would ever call me back. I'm a Nintendo guy, so my favorite system is the SNES and my favorite game would have to be Super Metroid. It's a classic, gotta love it. Metroid is great. Earthbound is another game I really dig, and I'm not even real into RPG. It's got such a cool soundtrack, it's such a shame it's so freakin expensive. 
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    I wouldn't call myself a retro gamer, but I love playing Pokemon Blue of my Gameboy Color.  I would buy more retro games for my Gameboy, but some of them can get pretty expensive.
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    I love retro games.  I am 34 so I grew up living through Atari, 8-bit NES, and then SNES.  I didn't play SMS (Sega Master System) or Genesis much.  By the time N64 came around, I was sucked into other interests.

    So my heart lies with the NES and SNES games.  I also recently got hugely into the Phantasy Star series for SMS (the original) and Genesis (sequels 2,3, and 4).  I skipped 3 but played the others and loved them...especially the cultural issues the games brought up.

    My advice to everyone here: get emulators!  You can download just about any NES, SNES, SMS, and Genesis games for free, and the emulators are not only near-flawless, but they add lots of features (like save states) that didn't exist with the original consoles.

    I'm a big RPG person but I also love exploration games...I love the original Metroid and I think Super Metroid is AWESOME, it really keeps to the original spirit of the game, while using the features of the new system pretty fully.  I also am a pretty big fan of Super Mario World.  Other games I love that are not RPG's include the Mega Man series, and Bionic Commando (OMG AMAZING GAME).  But I am hugely about the RPG's...I especially love some of the Japanese ones that weren't released in the US.  You can get most of them, well-translated, for emulators.  I love Final Fantasy III Japanese...that game is a masterpiece, as is Final Fantasy V Japanese.  I also like some of the Dragon Quest series that weren't released in the US, especially Dragon Quest VI.  That game has a really amazing plot and the universe it's set in is sooooo compelling, like, without spoiling it, I just love the way they envisioned the universe there.
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    I also don't know if you want to include old PC games in this retro thread, but I'm a huge fan of a lot of really old school PC games.  One of my favorites of all time is Star Control II.  That game is amazing.

    I also love roguelike games, like rogue, nethack, moria, angband, tome, etc.  These are games that use ASCII characters in a terminal, to depict the map on which you move around, with the symbols kind of substituting for graphics.  Those games inspired Diablo and as much as Diablo added graphics, I think much of the complexity and beauty of the true roguelike games has been lost.

    There are also some old mac games I am a fan the turn-based strategy game Spaceward Ho!, or the ancient networkable tank game Bolo--which could be played back in the day before ethernet, we used to play it in people's homes by plugging the computers into the phone jacks and using the in-house phone wiring to set up a makeshift network.  And if you want to go REAL retro, I played Captain Magneto...omg.  Amazing game.  Unfortunately it wouldn't really run on anything much newer than the very old macs, like the original Mac 128K.  I never even got it to work in an emulator.
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    @cazort I have a GBA emulator on my ipod touch and I have Emerald and Light Platinum (a rom hack).  I just don't like to emulate newer games because of legal issues and because I would like to support the developers.  In my opinion, if they don't port and re-release some of the older games (like the Pokemon games), then emulating is okay because no company is making money off of old games.
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    Emulators are super great. I mean, I'm one of those people who like to actually, like, have the real thing and do things how they used to be, but I love emulators to play games before I buy them and to play games that I can't find or are to expensive (I'm looking at you, Earthbound). It's also cool to just have them on the go and stuff. Me and and friend of mine spent a couple days in pre-calc a few years back beating Shaq Fu on our phones. Yes, the game is terrible, but it makes up for it by just the pure ridiculousness of the concept 10/10 would buy for a system.

    PC games are definitely welcome here! I really dig Jazz Jackrabbit 2 on PC. That might actually be one of my all time favorite games. That, along with Metroid II, was one of the first video games I ever actually, like, played with the intention of winning and figuring everything out. I always really like the old LucasArts point and click adventure games. Sam and Max Hit The Road is my jam.
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    @ cazort: I'm a little younger, but old enough to grow up with and love SNES. :)

    @ drumbro: I totally understand you, for wanting to have "the real thing". I'm so glad my parents kept our console all of these years until I re-discovered it.

    I still have my old SNES console (and 31 games) at home! :D When I moved out of my parents' home my dad made me return it to him, because he wanted to play with it as well, but in the meanwhile he lost interest and I got to take it back! :D As a kid I absolutely loved Secret of Mana and I still play it sometimes.
    I also liked Tetris, but my Game Boy died many years ago and I didn't keep the games (even though I have an adapter for playing Game Boy games on SNES--shame on me!). A friend of mine still has her Game Boy and nice as she is, she lets me borrow it sometimes. :)
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