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foreverellaforeverella New England, USAPosts: 24
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Hi everyone, I have one suggestion in case the people who do internet making things are reading. I would love if there were places for other social media accounts like Pinterest or Instagram instead of just Twitter and Tumblr. Thanks
by foreverella
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  • gnaistgnaist Stanford, CA, USAPosts: 4,831 Admin
    @foreverella To change the information that can be added to your profile page, we can perhaps bring this concern up to our resident vanillaforums guru/administrator @KasperIsager. He might be able to help.

    In the meantime, you can actually leave a comment on your own profile page with your Pinterest or Instagram usernames, and it will show up under your name on your profile. (It's like a status update on Facebook.) Hope that helps! :)
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  • foreverellaforeverella New England, USAPosts: 24
    @gnaist‌ Thanks for the help.
    Hope is a thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, - Emily Dickinson
  • KasperIsagerKasperIsager CopenhagenPosts: 122 Admin
    Better late than never; I've added some additional profile fields!
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