Arrow/Flash Disscussion Thread

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I excluded Gotham because I don't really care for it and I don't think it's even in the same continuity as these two shows.

Rules for this thread:

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3. Spoilers and Speculation are not the same thing. This thread may contain Speculation based on stories from other media besides the TV series itself. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

4. If an episode has just aired, please use spoiler tags. Some people might be DVRing it and watching it at a later date. Anything more than a week old is fair game though. Basically you only have a week to catch up on the latest episode without being spoiled, after that it's read at your own risk.
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    I do enjoy both Arrow and Flash. The only thing that kind of bothers me is the order in which the episodes are airing together. With Flash airing before Arrow and having a bit of a cross over between the two shows I feel like episodes are slightly out of sync with each other. Like I keep knowing what's going to happen before it even happens because I already saw it on the other show. I don't think there's really any good way to fix that because if you reverse the order you watch it in instead of Arrow being spoiled by Flash it'll just turn into Flash being spoiled by Arrow. I guess this is the best way to do it because I think discovering Barry Allen was actually talking to Oliver Queen the entire pilot is more of a surprise than hey who's Oliver going to meet in the last 5 minutes of Arrow. Also if the shows were reversed then you'd see Felicity returning to Starling before she even left Central.

    Maybe the whole "Oh I gotta go talk to Barry now" in Arrow seems a little forced too because I mean we already know he does that, do we really need to know when that took place? Do we actually need the scene of Felicity saying she's going to visit Barry? Isn't it enough that she's missing from Arrow the same week she's on Flash. Are we too stupid to figure out why she's not there that we actually needed to hear her say that she's leaving? And the whole scene at the end where Felicity comes back. The "What'd I miss" line was actually kinda funny but was it necessary? I mean I think we're smart enough to know where she was during that episode without the reminders that she wasn't there for most of it. That does seem a little dumbed down for a show that's usually smart about the writing.

    Individually I still love both shows, I just wish they were handling the crossover aspect a bit better. Some things I'm kinda speculating about... Ray Palmer they're kinda playing as a possible villain for this season what with his take over of Queen Consolidated but I actually do know who that is. I just don't know why he's taking over the company when the last person to do that was working for Slade Wilson. Ray Palmer is the super hero known as the Atom. He's basically DC comic's version of Hank Pyme/Antman. So not only did Arrow set up a Flash spin off but apparently now they're trying to set up an Atom spin off.

    The one I'm actually more curious about Dr. Harrison Wells from Flash. He's pretending to be confined to a wheelchair but we've already seen that he doesn't actually need it. In the pilot we also saw him looking at a newspaper article with a future date on it saying that the Flash went missing. He seems to be trying to protect Barry but at the same time he also killed a guy so I don't think he can be trusted. Barry also mentioned seeing someone in lightning kill his mom and he looks like lightning when he runs, the only other person who can move as fast as he does is Professor Eobard Thawne... Professor Zoom... Reverse Flash... whatever you want to call him. He's also been known for traveling threw time making it possible for him to have access to future news papers and to have been in the past killing Barry's mother before anyone even had powers. This would also mean that he knew his machine would fail and create Meta Humans. The only thing that doesn't add up is the IMDB page already has a listing for Eddie Thawne being played by a different actor. Plus why would he need to change his name to Harrison Wells if he's from the future and no one knows who Eobard Thawne is yet? Maybe the whole thing is set up so we don't figure out who he is too soon although after doing a quick web search I'm not the only one speculating that Wells is actually Thawne.
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    So Arrow just skipped over two of Roy's aliases. He started out as Speedy, then eventually went out on his own as Red Arrow, and THEN changed his name to Arsenal... Though technically Red Arrow was never actually Roy Harper, that was a clone. The original Roy Harper lost his arm and had it replaced with a mechanical arm when he changed his name to Arsenal.
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    So if you've been following the Flash so far you know that Harrison Wells of Earth 1, was actually killed shortly after Barry Allen's mother was killed. Barry's mother and the real Harrison Wells were both murdered by Eobard Thawn AKA the Reverse Flash. I talk about why this confusing in another thread so I'm not going to go into that again here but I will go into details surrounding the Harrison Wells of Earth 2.

    They keep referring to Harrison Wells as a doppelganger of a man who was actually Eobard Thawn. They do mention once that the real Earth 1 Harrison Wells was murdered but they continue to treat Thawn as if he was Harrison Wells knowing full well that he wasn't even the same man. This is confusing.

    To make this even more confusing Professor Zoom, the man from Earth 2 who's trying to kill the Flash, is actually an alternate name for the Reverse Flash. This means that Zoom is or at least could be Eobard Thawn. The one difference between the Zoom of the series and the Zoom of the comics and cartoons is that he wears a black suit rather than the yellow one worn by the Thawn of Earth 1. I'm not aware of any previously incarnation of Professor Zoom who wore black so this could be a sign that they're doing something entirely different with the character.

    Now this being said, I highly doubt that Harrison Wells of Earth 2 is Eobard Thawn again. They already did that in the first season and it would be really stupid to repeat the same thing this season. They do seem to playing him as kind of a jerk this time around and I think they keep bringing up Earth 1 Thawn just to make the audience hate him to build up the surprise when he actually does turn out to be a good guy... the problem with this is... even if you don't know anything about the comics, it's still pretty obvious that they're not going to repeat the same thing they did in the first season. Anyone should be able to tell that would be a dumb idea and know that this guy is not the villain.

    Now with that in mind and the idea that Zoom is Earth 2 Thawn, this could be an opportunity to bring back the actor who played Eobard Thawn in flashbacks from when the real Earth 1 Harrison Wells was still alive. Confused again? Well let me clear that up for you. Tom Cavanagh is the actor who plays the real Harrison Wells of Earth 1, Eobard Thawn as the fake Harrison Wells of Earth 1, and Harrison Wells of Earth 2. Matt Letscher is the actor who played Eobard Thawn in flashbacks when the real Harrison Wells was still alive. Matt was the one in the Reverse Flash costume killing Nora Allen as Thawn had not yet taken Wells' identity at that point. Tom played the character for most of the series as we really only got to see glimpses of Matt in flashbacks. This being said, if you look at the credits of any episode Zoom appears in or IMDB you already know who's playing the character. If you haven't looked and don't want to know if it's Matt, Tom, or someone else, then don't read the spoiler box below.

    I kind of wish I hadn't looked up the actors names for the above paragraph because while I was looking up the actors names I also found a listing for Tony Todd as Zoom so that kind of destroys my theory that they're bringing Matt back to play Eobard again. I really wanted to believe it was Matt until the series revealed otherwise but now I know it's not him. I also looked up alternate Professor Zooms and other various characters who did wear a black version of the Flash's costume and I can't really find anyone who matches up with the current Professor Zoom being portrayed in the series. So it's highly possible that either this is a new character entirely or Eobard Thawn took on the identity of another man the same way he did on Earth 1, just wasn't Wells this time. I really wanted to see more of the real Eobard in the same way that Tom is now getting to show more of what the real Wells was like. There's still a slim chance Tom will come back, but not in a big way.

    Is everyone sufficiently confused now?
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