Oh, Canada.



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    Hii guys! I'm from Saint John, New Brunswick. :) It's always hard for me to make gatherings of any kind since not a lot happen around here. lolol
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    I am from Barrie, Ontario (begrudgingly GTA). I say it's 1 hour north of Toronto but others say it's on the GTA (It's somewhat of a sleepertown-sleep in Barrie work in Toronto) because I don't want to admit we are not just a town now! ;-)

    I have a twin, also a nerdfighter, and a bunch of nerdfighter friends (like 7 at one point, in my grade. I am 18 and doing a victory lap, off to University next year. I am Christian, and NDP (does that matter? apparently political status for Americans does... meh). I plan on studying accounting to be a fraud examiner or auditor (yay?).

    DFTBA, Christi.
    Christi K
    Toronto ON CA
    DFTBA! B-)
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    Well hello @chri4481! I am not far from Barrie myself - I live up near Orillia - so I am glad to hear there are other nerdfighters in my neck of the woods. 
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    If you are on facebook, you can join the barrie group on facebook (there's about 20 people). Or of course the Toronto group since they're nearby.


    Well hello @chri4481! I am not far from Barrie myself - I live up near Orillia - so I am glad to hear there are other nerdfighters in my neck of the woods. 

    by chri4481
    Christi K
    Toronto ON CA
    DFTBA! B-)
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    Hi, my name is Natalie. I was wondering if there are any nerdfighters in Brampton, it is in the GTA, but still a bit of a drive from Toronto.
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    I saw some people here from Sudbury. Anyone still up here, my nerdfighter friend moved away. Talk about worldsuck.
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    I'm from Chilliwack, DFTBA!
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    Hi everyone!! first post going here and i thought id spend it on my fellow Canadians <3 From a small town outside Toronto in the Oakville Mississauga area but currently studying in the Quebec Eastern townships :)
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    I like in Kingston but I'm going to uWaterloo in the fall which is exciting since there seems to be more active nerdfighters there :)

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    Twinky said:
    I'm from Chilliwack, DFTBA!
    I'm from Agassiz 
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    Hello! I'm Clara, from Ontario! I will be stalking this forum to look out for any new meetups near me :D 


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  • Hi, I'm Katie from Maple Ridge BC! (kiiiinda nearish to Vancouver!)
    Is there a nerdfighter group in Vancouver and/or around there?
    because ohhh my gosh, we fo defs need a group and some meetups!
    I know about 5 other nerdfighters and we all want one!!

    i know its a been like months since you posted this but... we have a facebook page for vancouver nerdfighters :) 
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    Hi everyone I'm Zainab and I'm from the Toronto/Scarborough area!! Nice meeting you all!!
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    HELLO, im canadian TOOO
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