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Once I saw Not What he Seems, I felt honour-bound to make this topic. Anyone got any theories or predictions? Or just general nerding?
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    Isn't it a little late for theories at this point? I mean if you've seen that episode you already know who the author is. I'm not going to say who for anyone who hasn't seen the episode yet but it's out in the open now. What's left to predict?

    Although they have come close to finding the author before and it turned out to be someone else entirely. However if you notice the hand on the books has an extra finger which none of the fake authors had. This person's hand does actually match the one on the books so this time they defiantly have found the real author.

    I seriously doubt they will come up with a twist to explain how this person is yet another fake author. And at this point I think it would just be frustrating to the audience if it does turn out to be someone else.
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    I've been thinking more about this after seeing some videos on YouTube...

    It's been pretty much confirmed at this point that Stan, his brother, and Old Man McCrazy use to work together. But there is one mystery regarding the author that they've never mentioned ever again after showing it in only one episode.

    Who was the man from Into the Bunker? From what I can tell the shape shifter is not capable of turning into a person who doesn't actually exist. He mentions that the mysterious man was conducting experiments on him. It was thought at the time that this man was the author or at least knew him. Yet he's never seen or referenced in any other episodes. I also thought for a while that he was a younger version of Old Man McCrazy in later episodes when we actually get to see Young Man McSane they look nothing alike. So who was that scientist from Into the Bunker? Did the Stan twins hire him to replace McGucket after his mental lapse? Did all four of them work together at some point? Where did he go? Why hasn't he been seen since?

    Considering he seemed to be conducting inhuman experiments on the creatures of Gravity Falls, like that Shape Shifter, I think he might be a villain. Perhaps it was his fault that Stan's brother ended up in that portal. Maybe he convinced McGucket to erase his memory. Maybe he's been working with Bill this whole time. The Shape Shift also seemed to possibly have knowledge of Bill. I think that guy from Into the Bunker may have a connection to both the Mystery Shack and Bill Cipher. That might also explain why symbols that look like Bill appear all over the Mystery Shack.
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    @RialVestro If I'm understanding you correct, I'm afraid you missed a key detail from that episode. The shapeshifter got that form from a soup can as seen here. It's when they notice the can on the ground that they realized something was up.

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    Yes I did miss that, and the link you gave very clearly says it was a can of beans not soup. Also someone pointed this out to me last week on YouTube and I've had "Hand Me Down That Can O' Beans" from "Paint Your Wagon" stuck in my head ever since then.
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    At this point, we can wonder the other way to defeat Bill
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    I'm surprised this thread doesn't have more traction. Gravity Falls is an amazing show. I'm not sure how to feel that the next episode will be the last one! Although, I'm expecting some more shorts will probably air.
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    Any relation to Michael J. Caboose? Also there's probably no posts here because there hasn't been a new episode on for a while.
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