Brotherhood 2.0 rewatch.

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Well. I just rewatched Brotherhood 2.0 again and it made me realize how important it is for me to really try and get to know my own brother. He and I are about two years apart in age and even though we live in the same house we really don't communicate all that much. 

Has anyone else watched B2.0 recently? What did it make you feel? Did you also get really sad at the end? 


  • ZoaThePersonZoaThePerson Nevada, the land o' dirtPosts: 243 ✭✭
    I watched the whole of B2.0 in late January/early February. I watched it because I wasn't a real nerdfighter yet, I was just a fan of the videos. After watching it, though, I realized what it really meant to be a nerdfighter. And yes, I did get sad at the end. I think that's inevitable.

    It made me feel - well, how do I put this? It made me feel kinda fuzzy inside, considering how these two brothers didn't have the strongest of relationships and now they are so close and "talk almost every day" according to Katherine. It also made me fuzzy because of all the things they were doing. They raised so much for and started the P4A, not to mention the great community built around their work. Just two regular guys. It made me wish that it could be more like that tight-knit community now. But now there isn't much communication via the forums. Actually, the only reason I'm here is because I watched B2.0 because I didn't even know it existed before that. I mean, they have done so many amazing things and more nerdfighters is awesome, but I feel like there aren't as many real nerdfighters. Actually this has been discussed before over in "where have all the nerdfighters gone" so I should probably stop. Long story short, it made me nostalgic even though I was six in 2007 and it inspired me. I don't know exactly how, but it did.
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  • littlewonderlittlewonder Nisshin, JapanPosts: 19
    tbh, I'm just now getting around to watching it, because I fell down a rabbit hole and because before I thought 'I can't possibly get through all that! Time to move on'. Ha! Not anymore.
  • Friendship2Friendship2 New JerseyPosts: 15
    I've made it a habit to rewatch B2.0 for the past couple of summers. It really makes you reminisce about how Vlogbrothers used to be. It's kinda different now.
  • antique_roseantique_rose Posts: 17
    I'm actually re-watching it right now, I'm on the "June 7" video. I think it's always fun the watch the old videos once in a while.
  • centauriecentaurie BelgiumPosts: 48
    I joined the comm somewhere in 2013, and after subscribing decided to rewatch 2012 & 2013 (in about 2014), but have watched/kept up with every vlog *after* joining. Last year I decided to finally start from the beginning, and finished B2.0 pretty quickly....but then got to late 2008 at some point and I lost momemtum for a while. I've recently picked up again, halfway through '09! (Keep in mind, I also watch CrashCourse & Scishow, and have bingewatched some of the completed playlists over there too. Yay Astronomy & Psychology. Also the history & literature ones!)
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    I discovered Vlogbrothers/became a Nerdfighter in the summer of 2008, and watched all the videos up to that point fairly quickly after that. I've gone back and watched various older videos again since then, some of them multiple times, but I don't think I've ever gotten through a full second re-watch. I would like to, though...maybe over the summer? (Currently in grad school.)

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