Great, not super popular Tv shows?

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We all have the television shows we love to watch, but no one else seems to know what they are. What is your favorite not-super well know tv shows? What are they about? Why do you like them?

For me it may be Scorpion (though that is picking up a bit now) because the cast of characters with inhumanly high IQ's are so adorkable. Also, Ghost Whisperer, it ended a few years ago. It is about Melinda Gordon, an antique shop owner who can speak to the dead. She tries to "cross them over" into the light, where ghosts are supposed to be, but they are stuck here on Earth because they have unfinished business with the living. It's great fun, but a bit sad.
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    Can I interest you in the chronicles of the revival of English magic in the form of a BBC short series? Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is the adaptation of a most excellent book by distinguished author Susanna Clarke. It already aired to it's last episode, and despite not being the most perfect rendition one could dream of it's still quite enjoyable.

    Also I very much enjoy Danger 5, an absurdly bananas Australia comedy that looks like a 60's spy series but was actually made in 2011.
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    You're The Worst definitely comes to mind. It's excellently written, and very funny too.

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    Shameless US is definitely one of my favourite shows, and doesn't get enough recognition if you ask me. It's very funny and can get emotional at times. It's also very easy to get attached to the characters.
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    Coupling (the original British version not the American version) - It's generally described as being similar to friends because there are six characters, three men and three women, who are friends and they spend much of their time in a bar. It's much much better than friends. Personally I find the characters more likable and it's a lot funnier. 

    Soap - It was a sitcom that originally aired in the late 1970s. It's about two sisters and their families. It's meant to be like a soap opera but shorter and with much more humor. The first season is awesome and most of the second season is pretty good. The third and fourth season have some really great moments but they're not nearly as good as the first two seasons. So much crazy stuff happens. I love it so much!
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    Utopia : it's British, and you can tell. It's also flashy, violent in a callous way, undeniably engrossing, and visually stunning. It's really peculiar, so you either like it or you don't. For the plot, here you go : "After a group of people, who meet online, discover a bizarre graphic novel which seems to hold mysterious answers, they find themselves being tracked down by a merciless organization known merely as 'The Network'." (IMDb)

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    Technically a radio show, but Cabin Pressure. It's about the adventures of tiny and chronically underfunded airline. It's finished now, and there are only 26 wonderfully hilarious episodes. Otherwise, Call the Midwife is brilliant, but seems to be following in the footsteps of Downtown abbey and is probably too popular for this thread.
    "The Bold and The Beautiful" is so bad it's good. I don't really want to admit how much I enjoy it, it's that dreadful.
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  • The Bletchly Circle is great. It's short and British and it's about these four ladies who used to work at Bletchly(British code breaking place) during ww2 and they use their code breaking knowledge of patterns and stuff to solve crimes.
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    End of the F***ing world is good too
  • AdaAda Posts: 83
    The Good Place is pretty good. Janice is, without a doubt, the best character on the whole show. Maybe out of all TV. :)
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    I really like Galavant quite a lot for a good, silly, underrated, musical sitcom. Rather fun to watch. Also, weirdly star-studded.

    Also, The Good Place, as @Ada said, is a pretty good show. It is very funny and light, while still really interesting with how they approach philosophy throughout the series. As someone who studies philosophy and hangs out with many people who do as well, it is intriguing how they managed to balance the comedy while making these concepts relevant and easier to learn without necessarily realizing some of the layers to it.
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    @ashybunny I realize now that The Good Place has become very popular recently, so I don't know if it counts anymore. (I watched when it was pretty unknown.)
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    @Ada Is it? I know almost nobody who has watched it that I didn't recommend it to heavily first. I'm glad it is getting recognition now. (Though yeah, it may not count for this anymore.)
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