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I've recently discovered that the Digimon toys from Japan are much different than the ones released here in the U.S. and I kind of feel like I got the short end of the stick. There are a few figures that were better here but most of them the Japanese version were FAR better.

Starting with the Armor Digivolving figures. The U.S. versions transformed straight from Egg mode to Armor Mode. The Armor modes, especially for Veemon actually look a lot better than the Japanese versions but the Egg modes typically looked better in the Japanese versions with the exception of the Digi-Egg of Miracles which actually looked a lot better in both modes than the Japanese version. The Japanese figures however the Eggs actually came apart into Armor pieces that combined with the Rookie Digimon figures which is far more accurate to how they're suppose to work in the show.

One other thing that makes the Japanese versions far better than the U.S. is an added feature that you couldn't even do with the U.S. releases. You were able to mix and match armored parts to create your own Digimon. They aren't really part of the show but it adds some extra play value and encourages collectors to complete the toy line. This really makes me question why they didn't just import these figures to the U.S. rather than designing entirely new molds. I've read about this features but I can't actually find any pictures of these custom creatures, just the official modes that each figure is suppose to go in. Was really hoping someone out there had some these figures and could post pictures for me cause I'd really like to see what you can create with them.

There's also a DNA Digivolving Palidramon. In the U.S. this figure was released as a triple changer. The ExVeemon mode looks decent and the Palidramon mode was only slightly better than the Japanese version, but the Stingmon mode looked absolutely horrible. It was basically just Palidramon with Stingmon's head. The Japanese version did what I always thought the American version should of done in the first place and released TWO figure that combine into one. The whole point of DNA Digivolution was to combine two Digimon into a more powerful form. So what they got was a MUCH more accurate Stingmon that is 100 times better than the U.S. version, an ExVeemon that is really only slightly better than the American version. And a Palidramon who's only inaccuracy is that he doesn't have the blue upper arms which are present of the American version. But that's such a small detail and I think what it does right far outweighs that one tiny inaccuracy.

Then there's the Spirit Digivolving figures... which are actually the same in the U.S. except for the fact that two figures in this line are Japanese exclusives. We didn't even get an American version. Though to be honest I stopped collecting Digimon figures by this point and never owned any of them anyway... though I kind of wish I had after seeing how these worked. Once again you have a lot of armored parts that can be mixed and matched. Though unlike the Armor Digivolving figures they don't list this as a feature. I don't know why when it's a great selling point. The two figures that were never released in the U.S. are EmperorGreymon/KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. You can also combine their parts to form Susanoomon which was the most powerful Digimon of that series. Really a shame we never got a U.S. release of the figures.

The way these figures works is that they come with a base body which is kind of a fully articulated almost blank figure that you attach the Armor parts to. Some of the Digimon's features are painted directly onto the base figure and can't be removed but most of the detail is added using the armor parts. For Susanoomon you use parts from both sets and attach them to the base EmperporGreymon/KaiserGreymon figure. (There's two names there because one is the Japanese name while the other is the English name. I guess the other two Digimon had the same name in both countries.) However there are a bunch of left over parts that aren't really needed to form Susanoomon. They can be used for form this giant weapon which was used in the show but there's still the left over base MagnaGarurumon body that has no use what so ever except to form MagnaGarurumon. Susanoomon actually reminds me a lot of Omnimon as the heads of the two Digimon who form him end up on his arms in the same way. He also has a sword which is very similar to the Omnisword. (That Sword is actually used to form the massive cannon he uses) I'd actually like to just give him the sword by itself and use all the other left over parts on the MagnaGarurumon body to create an alternate unofficial combined mode for the pair. Again, if anyone can find me pictures of what this would look like, I can't find it anywhere.

I actually thought Digimon Fusion was the first toy line where combining figures was the main gimmick of the toy line but apparently this has been going on for a while and I just never knew. Though this is the first one where it's actually accurate to the show. Past attempts to do this has just been kind of a bonus toy only feature. Now it's actually what you're suppose to do with them.

Anyway, I'd love to see some fan creations that aren't part of the Anime so please post your creations here. I can't find anything online for them outside of official combinations from the show and I can't afford Japanese toys (If I could I'd be importing Japanese Transformers figures from Takara) so I'll settle for seeing pictures of other people's creations.
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