Long Distance Writing Critique Club

So we have a thread for long-distance book clubs (which got very popular very fast!) and I thought: What if we could do that with writing? There are a few people who come on here for feedback, so what if we made a system where people could get exactly that?

The idea is that we get into groups of five or six. They decide on a sharing method (snail mail, a story hosting website like FictionPress.net ArchiveOfOurOwn.org or Figment.com, or a document sharing medium like DropBox or GoogleDrive), a reading period (two weeks, a month, two months), and a swap order (Writer A will read Writer B's writing, Writer B will read Writer C's and so on). The group can also decide if they want to share individual chapters, whole stories, or some other measurement. They could also decide to have everyone start a story and give feedback on outlines, worldbuilding, and character creation! 

So in this thread, you need to share a few things:

Your preferred sharing methods. (If you choose snail mail, please provide your general location, like a state, province, region, or country.)
If you want to start a story from scratch, a story that is in progress, or a finished draft.
The language you write in.
Any limits (you don't read certain genres etc). 


  • TenleyNadineTenleyNadine MichiganPosts: 681 ✭✭✭
    This is great idea, I'm always looking for feedback on my writing. 

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  • RaibeanRaibean Oceanside, CAPosts: 144 ✭✭
    I guess I'll fill out the info first.

    I don't have a sharing preference, but I think it would be cool to write all over someone's draft. (If we decide on snail mail, I live in California.)

    I'd rather share finished drafts.

    I write in English (but can read in Spanish - but my comments will probably be in English.)

    I don't want to read religious-inspirational genre. I can read gore/horror/etc but warnings on certain things would also be nice.
  • thebookishgurlthebookishgurl 30 MINUTES FROM THE GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD, aka New York CityPosts: 7
    edited October 2015
    I'd like to join, if that's okay.

    I love almost any genre, except religious/inspirational and fan-fiction, and am unfazed by gore and cursing. I can only read and write in English and my preferred sharing method is either a link to the webpage containing the piece (e.g, blog post) or sharing via Google Drive, which will be how I submit, if everyone else is okay with that.
    by thebookishgurl
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  • derftabaderftaba Posts: 3
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    So it has to be fiction?

    I'm not going to lie, some kind of structure would really stop me procrastinating on my own writing.
    by derftaba
  • RaibeanRaibean Oceanside, CAPosts: 144 ✭✭
    No, it doesn't have to be fiction. But non-fiction has genres, too. Some people might not be comfortable reading true crime, just like others might not be comfortable reading Christian fiction.
  • This sounds like a good idea!
    I prefer Google drive, because you can leave comments for specific lines, not just the whole thing. 
    I've got a book in progress, and I'd like a couple scenes of it reviewed. 
    I only speak English.
     I'll read about anything, but be forewarned that I'm easily bored by non-action stories. I'll try to see past that in my reviews, but just so you know. 
  • KiarKiar Elsewhere Posts: 14,370 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I know I'm late to the party but I quite enjoy writing fiction and editing others work as well! In the past I have done writing groups with my friends, and we've found Google Drive is convenient for leaving comments. Let me know if this happens!
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  • KatFrogKatFrog Posts: 2
    Okay, I am VERY late to the party. But I need a writing group and I'm a nerd, so...

    Has this writing group started? Can I join up?
  • KiarKiar Elsewhere Posts: 14,370 ✭✭✭✭✭
    @KatFrog Unfortunately I don't believe this writing group ever really got off the ground. However, if you're interested in exchanging pieces of writing for feedback/peer review/editing, I'm always free!
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  • SatisfiedEyesSatisfiedEyes Posts: 21
    This actually sounds like a great idea! I would love to make a google doc and share it with people so we could all post our works and edit them collaboratively. We can work out logistics in the doc but if anyone else is down for this and is comfortable sharing their email address post it here and I'll add you to the doc.
  • KiarKiar Elsewhere Posts: 14,370 ✭✭✭✭✭
    @SatisfiedEyes I'm still down! Do you have anything you'd like to share, or would you rather read other people's stuff first?
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  • SatisfiedEyesSatisfiedEyes Posts: 21
    I would rather do some editing first cuz I don't have anything done that I'm happy with. But I do have a few short stories I've finished that I would begrudgingly submit if this ends up working out better as a kind of exchange
  • KiarKiar Elsewhere Posts: 14,370 ✭✭✭✭✭
    @zonzonn @CobaltBookworm Would you guys be interested in this as well?
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  • zonzonnzonzonn MarylandPosts: 5,879 ✭✭✭✭
    Oooh. More pressure to keep writing! You had me at peer review.
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  • CobaltBookwormCobaltBookworm Home of Venus FlytrapsPosts: 4,711 ✭✭✭✭
    Sign me the hell up! I just finished a story recently so if we need something to kickstart this I'll volunteer that as the first sacrifice to the writing gods.
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  • SatisfiedEyesSatisfiedEyes Posts: 21
    Alright, cool! Shoot me your emails and I'll add you all to a doc
  • KiarKiar Elsewhere Posts: 14,370 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I can send you my email but you could also just post or pm a link where it's set up such that anyone with the link can comment / edit.
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  • Good idea! I've never done this before so let me know if you guys have any trouble accessing the doc

  • KiarKiar Elsewhere Posts: 14,370 ✭✭✭✭✭
    @SatisfiedEyes Great! But you'll need to change the permissions such that anyone with the link can edit, rather than just view.
    "A ship is always safer at the shore, but that is not what it is built for."
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  • PeculiarLeahPeculiarLeah Bellingham WAPosts: 3
    I'm working on a novel length fiction based off of The Secret Garden. It involves the adult lives of the characters in the original novel, particularly focusing on a disabling injury which Colin receives during the Great War. There is war, romance, and history, all the makings of a novel. I'm looking for an editor, I've published parts of it on FF.com (story title "When the World Turned Upside Down") I have six chapters published but about double that written. Is anyone interested in helping? I can help with your stories as well!
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  • SatisfiedEyesSatisfiedEyes Posts: 21
    The link should be fixed, but let me know otherwise!

    @PeculiarLeah feel free to post it on the doc (or maybe a link to a version we can edit) and we can take a look at it
  • monsiemonsie Posts: 3
    Hey I am struggling to keep writing but having something like this can motivate me to writ more consistently maybe. Mostly i write fiction short story or as novella. Can I sign up as well
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