Do you own signed books?

If yes, by whom and how many?

I start:
Yes i have signed books:
Andreas Brandhorst: Das Schiff (The Ship)(Awesome book! I might do a review on it!)
Bernhard Hennen: Elfenlicht (fron The Elven series)
Thomas Thiemeyer multiple books
Michael Peinkofer multiple books
Wolfgang Hohlbein multiple books(probably the most signed books b/c I met him like 10 times xD)
(As you can maybe tell they are all German authors because it's more likely that I will them than any other nationality.)

I am not sure how many sign books I have but it's 10+.

I wish that i could meet some of the non-german authors whos books stand on my shelf and get them signed...


  • Gara_the_engineerGara_the_engineer In a log house at the edge of the forestPosts: 627 ✭✭✭
    TFiOS and LFA, my husband bought some box with all his books and those two were signed. I have however not met John, and neither has my husband. It would be AWESOME to do, but the Atlantic is one out of several minor problems...

    And a book about apple trees. Not super cool, but kinda fun. It was my dad who bought it at some garden plant shop when the author happened to be there.
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  • ToddTodd Posts: 9
    Yeah, I've got several signed/numbered books by Brandon Sanderson. I live in Utah valley, so scooting down to BYU for the release events is pretty easy.
  • FangirlKodaFangirlKoda Posts: 11
    I have a good deal of signed/first edition books, though I've never gotten a book signed by the author in person
  • dftbastarkiddftbastarkid FinlandPosts: 24
    My only signed book is The Fault in Our Stars
  • RialVestroRialVestro Posts: 6,367 ✭✭✭
    I only really own one signed book... which I haven't looked at in years and totally forgot about till I saw this topic. Hold on. (Goes to book shelf) I'm back and my bowling pin fell over... Yes I have a bowling pin on my desk, no it's never fallen over before. Why do I have a bowling pin on my desk you ask? Because Ernie Hall gave it to me after "Stand By Your Man" ended. Why did he give me a bowling pin? I don't know, ask Ernie.

    Back on topic now... Acting with the Movie Stars an Autobiography by Don Brenon. The price on the back cover says $19.95 but considering how long I've had it, the fact that it's still in great condition, and that it's signed by Don Brenon... actually I have no idea how much it's worth. It was signed directly to me, and at the time I was still using my given name. I hadn't come up with James Robbert Hermes yet. I've only had that name for about ten years. I don't even think I had finished high school yet. So unless you happen to share my given name the signature isn't going to mean much to you.

    I didn't just get the book signed by the author but actually bought it directly from him. At least I assume I bought it. I don't actually remember giving him any money. I remember getting the book but I almost want to say he gave it to me. My memory is really kind of hazy.

    I really suck at reading cursive, I would tell you what he wrote but I honestly have no idea what it says. It's my first name, something that looks like "Doop Puch" and then his name. The E in his name looks like an O too so maybe it's actually "Deep" but still no clue what the other word is... also I just noticed that there's an extra curl at the top of the "D" that isn't consistent with the other two D's so maybe it's not a D at all. I should take a picture and upload it, maybe someone here can tell me what the heck this says.
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