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What are your guys thoughts on this tv show, do you agree/ disagree with any of the philosophy on the show


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    What philosophy do you see in the show?
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    I love this show! And I enjoy its philosophy. Among crude humor and slapstick comedy, the show carries dark undertones and pays homage to some classic cosmic horror.

    I would say Rick and Morty is heavily influenced by existentialism. The insignificance and fleetingness of life is brought up on a consistent basis. The fact that the show takes place in an infinite multiverse, where the main characters sometimes die and are replaced by alternate versions of themselves, only serves to underscore this point.

    The show likes to question the purpose of existence. From the sentient robot that was designed to carry butter, to the fleeting existence of the Meesseeks, to the micro universe that was created to power a car battery (which, in turn, created another micro universe used to produce energy to power the parent universe,) we are reminded of the insignificance of our reality. The cosmic horror also consistently comes back to display how little Earth (and humanity) means to the rest of the cosmos. (One alien species even tests and destroys planets as a form of entertainment, in the galactic equivalent of America's got Talent.) At one point, Morty goes so far as to spells it out for the viewers. "Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's going to die. Come watch TV?"

    I could go on, but there are honestly just too many examples to list. But that's what I love about this show. The line between good and bad, meaningful and meaningless, is blurred to the point of indistinction. It's what makes Rick character's so great, and it's what fuels all of the show's antics. It what makes it, well, unique.
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