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Every real professional woman knows you need to fit much, much more Valentino Sale than a laptop, blackberry, and wallet inside your work bag \u2014 try a laptop, BlackBerry, a half-eaten baggie of dried mangos, gym shorts, a toothbrush, your tablet, a month-old New Yorker, loose business cards, a random necklace, and your pound of keys.

Women who have jobs (and lives) require a work bag that has all the room of a backpack and all the sophistication of a Birkin\u2026and we think we've found exactly such a solution, which \u2014 cha-ching \u2014 rings in under $50! Measuring 11 inches by 19 inches, this Zara bag will fit everything you need (plus a few things you probably won't ever need, but can't part with just yet <\/strong>).

Carry it by its top handle while you're standing in the elevator, sling the long strap over your shoulder as you're hoofing it to the subway, loop your arm through the handle when you're out to a working lunch, and set it on the ground (it stands!) while you're waiting for your train to come\u2026this bag won't let you down. Now, if you could only say the same thing about the new temp down Valentino Shoes the aisle.

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