meleeomeleeo Posts: 9


  • nurlailirozmannurlailirozman MalaysiaPosts: 1
    Hello :) I'm from M'sia too.
  • layuralayura Posts: 11
  • theCharleytheCharley Posts: 8
  • macrosenbergmacrosenberg Posts: 1
    I too am from Malaysia! :)
  • notfree25notfree25 Posts: 1
    So few of us. Can cry
  • SAyassyRSAyassyR Posts: 1
    Wow... malaysia is also here it seems n_n whats up? haha
  • irenanaubiirenanaubi Posts: 1
    Hello everyone. I just joined Nerdfighter *making nerdfighter sign
  • AccioSamShimAccioSamShim MalaysiaPosts: 17
    Well, hello, I guess. :P
  • TheUnicornScribeTheUnicornScribe MalaysiaPosts: 30
    Hey, fellow Malaysia nerdfighters! What's up?
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  • VeeannaVeeanna Posts: 6
    we should have a nerdfighter gathering. Anyone? :)
  • JackSimVIIJackSimVII Penang, MalaysiaPosts: 11
    Where is everyone from, Penang islander here
  • JackSimVIIJackSimVII Penang, MalaysiaPosts: 11
    I'm the only one on this site right now :( feelsbad man
  • mayradeckermayradecker Posts: 3
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