Can I really become a better reader?

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I've always been a poor reader but I really want to develop a good reading habit so I can learn and possibly enjoy the medium of reading. So am I doomed to be a bad reader or can I really become a better reader? Please be honest. Thank you.
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    I guess it depends on the reason to why you're bad at reading. I've read books that I've found terribly boring in spite of having a very good and thrilling story (like game of thrones and lord of the rings), but others keep being on your mind all of the day even if you have to do something else, no matter whether the storyline contains exciting things or not. I do not recommend shortened versions of books: they're almost always boring because the only purpose of them is to "inform you of the story" rather than "telling a story". Have you read John's books? I find especially TFiOS to be the kind of well-written kind that catches you and don't let you go, in spite of having a great deal of sitting-in-sofa-and-talking. I don't know if I should recommend my two current favourite fantasy books (per definition a lot of exciting storyline), because one is pretty long and the other one is a trilogy... but if you feel like trying them in spite of that, they're the "coldfire" trilogy by C.S. Friedman and the book "Tigana" by Guy Gavriel Kay.
    Remember that people have different interests, and that books may just not be a thing for you. It's hard for me to tell which is the case.
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    I haven't read any of Johns books yet but I have looking for Alaska on hold at my public library. I've never been too much into fantasy but I haven't given it much of a chance yet. I've read most of the hobbit but never finished because I got frustrated as I tend to do. I'm sort of hoping that if I read more I can get rid of this frustration that I get with reading so I can enjoy it more.

    There is a lot I like about reading but it can also be frustrating for me at times which make it a little harder for me to enjoy and comprehend a book.
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    I think you can certainly become a better reader and the fact that you're making an effort is already a sign that you care about enjoying reading, which in my opinion is what a good reader is: a person who likes to read. If you find out what you like in books, whether that they have cool characters or interesting plot twists, and what genre you'd read, comedy or nonfiction or fantasy or otherwise, then you can pick out books that you'll be more interested in and want to finish. (I never finished the Hobbit either, but there's books like that for everyone where they're popular but you personally don't enjoy reading them and that's totally fine.)
    If the action of reading is what puts you off books, there's the option of audiobooks so you can be doing something else in the meantime while you're listening.
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