Nevada nerdfighters ahoy!



  • LibertyNerd25LibertyNerd25 Reno, NevadaPosts: 357 ✭✭✭
    I am a Northern Nevadan by birth and residency. But at heart, I am a Californian.

    And yes, I've lived in CA before. It was a much happier time. August 11th, 2012-August 11th, 2013. 
    We should strive for a society where all men, women, and children have access to what they need to live with dignity. Jobs, living wages, access to a good education, and so on. Only then can we call ourselves humane and just.

  • ZoaThePersonZoaThePerson Nevada, the land o' dirtPosts: 243 ✭✭
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    I am also in Reno, but I'm 13 and I don't know how much my mom will approve of a gathering with strangers. Also all of these posts are at least a year old so... SOMEBODY PLZ RESPOND PLZ
    by ZoaThePerson
    We must bring back the interrobang. What's an interrobang‽ 
    What do you mean "what's an interrobang?" 
    ‽ < that's an interrobang. a grammatically correct alternative to "?!" or "!?"

  • TheDoctor1TheDoctor1 Posts: 1
    I have been a nerdfigter since 2013 and it has always been discouraging to me haw few nerd fighters there are in Nevada. What parts are you guys from. I live in LV. 
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