Valentino to the Melbourne

Tas punters ready for big race

TOTE Tasmania is reporting strong betting in the build-up Valentino to the Melbourne Cup.

There has been a surge of betting yesterday afternoon and this morning, with several punts of more Valentino Sandals than $20,000 dollars.

Spokeswoman Wendy Kennedy says Irish mare Profound Beauty is top pick for the big spenders and most of the Valentino Pumps Sale floor money is on English stayer Mad Rush.

About 120 hotel and retail outlets in Tasmania opened their doors at 8.00 am.

More Valentino Rockrunner Sneakers than a thousand people are at Hobart's Elwick racecourse today to watch the race.

The company says many Tasmanian punters are backing English stayer Mad Rush, but the big spenders are betting on Irish mare Profound Beauty.

Meanwhile, TOTE Tasmania has shrugged off the effects of the Valentino Rockstud Flats equine influenza outbreak to report a record turnover in the past financial year.

The company posted just under half a billion dollars in turnover, a Valentino Slingbacks 30 per cent jump on the previous year.

The Chairman Michael Kent says most of the growth came from overseas customers and people using the company's phone and internet services.

TOTE Tasmania recorded an after tax profit of $2.0 million, up more than $1 million on the previous year.

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