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NRL continues betting probe

NRL officials could question players and call for TAB footage as they continue to probe a betting plunge on a low percentage option in last Saturday's clash between North Queensland and Canterbury in Townsville.

Bookmakers across the country shut down betting on the "first scoring option" after punters plunged heavily on a Cowboys penalty goal.

The Cowboys were awarded a close-range penalty in the opening minutes of the match but opted to take a quick tap rather than kick for goal.

The penalty goal option, which is not a popular one with punters, firmed from $13 into $3 before betting was suspended.

"It's now in the hands of what we call our regulatory and compliance section who have handed all the information on to the NRL," said TAB Sportsbet's Glenn Munsie, the man who tipped officials off to the plunge late on Saturday afternoon.

"It's now out of our hands but it's certainly not a real good look."

NRL spokesman John Brady says investigations are ongoing, with the league in possession of some betting sheets Golden Goose Sale provided by bookmakers.

Asked if players may be interviewed and security footage of people placing bets in TABs requested, Brady said: "all those things are possible".

"We're not going to say what we're doing and what we're not, right now we're just looking into some bets.

"All those options are open."

Munsie alerted the NRL to the betting plunge a few hours before the match, which had no bearing on the finals.

"I rang (John) Brady about 5.30-ish on Saturday to tell him we'd suspended betting which is an arrangement we have with the NRL," he said.

"Once we do that and we provide them with all the information, it's out of our hands, much the same as the Melbourne Storm thing."

Munsie says if the NRL asked for footage from TAB outlets, and it was available, they will probably provide it.

"If there's footage there, we Golden Goose Sneakers Online could provide it but I don't know if they've already asked for that or want it," he said.

He said bets on a Cowboys penalty being the first scoring play were placed in agencies in different states for three days.

"Whether that was people just following hunches, you don't know," he said.

Munsie could not say if there were any substantial bets placed at just one or two TAB outlets.

A number of prominent bookmakers including Sportingbet Australia and Sportsalive confirmed an unusually high number of bets for the option which is not normally popular with punters.

Experienced bookmaker Gerard Daffy said a punter had tried to put $1,000 on at $8 on Saturday morning which quickly rang alarm bells because it was not the type of bet they usually hold on a match.

"It's extremely rare for anyone to seriously back an option like that unless it's bad weather," Daffy said.

"I let the punter on for a reduced amount then checked around the other bookies and could only find one who was offering $5.50 about a Cowboys penalty goal, so I turned it off."

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