Positive Pranking

let's bring it back


  • ChocolateThunderChocolateThunder OceaniaPosts: 7
    What is Positive Pranking?
  • http://bit.ly/9NwPJ6

    Idea from Amy Krause Rosenthal, which Hank and John did in 2010 @ChocolateThunder
  • AussieChic2000AussieChic2000 HogwartsPosts: 11
    Definitely want to bring it back!!!!
    My best idea for one so far is leaving chocolate in people's letterboxes (in winter cause in Australia's summer it would melt in a heartbeat)
  • savindafishiessavindafishies Massachusetts, USAPosts: 10
    It would be amazing for this to start back up! @AussieChic2000 I like the chocolate idea, but that's definitely a winter idea here in Massachusetts too. I'm also thinking that'd be a good thing to do in my workplace mailboxes. I know people here can get down because it's a pretty stressful environment. Does anyone have any other ideas for good workplace positive pranking?
    "Mankind's moral sense is not a strong beacon light, radiating outward to illuminate in sharp outline all that it touches. It is, rather, a small candle flame, casting vague and multiple shadows, flickering and sputtering in the strong winds of power and passion, greed and ideology. But brought close to the heart and cupped in one's hands, it dispels the darkness and warms the soul."
    -James Q. Wilson
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