Golden Goose Sale Kate

46 UP FRONTCharlize and Liv win praise onstage and on the red carpet at the SAG awards 52 My Big Fat Obnoxious Fianc's Randi Coy finally gets the joke on the finale 54 With looks and charm in his arsenal, North Carolina's John Edwards takes aim at the White House

59 Family FeudHero flyer Chuck Yeager's kids take him to court 62 MakeoverAmerican Idol's Kimberley Locke tones up for success 65 TroubleUniversity of Colorado football is hit by rape allegations from ex-player Katie Hnida and others 71 UpdateAfter winning Daytona, race car legacy Dale Earnhardt Jr. puts his career on a real fast track 75 ControversySurfing online, teen Orey Torres discovers a secret: He had been kidnapped as a small boy

78 StageSoap star Kathy Brier keeps her day job on One Life to Live after landing a Broadway gig as Hairspray's new leading lady 82 COVERAs Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ reaches the multiplex, critics, the faithful and the just plain curious debate his vision

91 CrusadersB.G. Burkett exposes those who falsely claim they served in Vietnam 97 TrendThey're a fun way to score knockoffs of designer bags, but purse parties have designers fumingnd calling the cops 99 SpotlightNavy NCIS's Michael Weatherly sails into domestic turmoil as Natalie Wood's husband, Robert Wagner, in a TV-movie bio

106 PagesAt 22, Cecelia Ahern, who's father is Ireland's prime minister, goes from first daughter to international literary star 109 StylePainter-turned-makeup artist Scott Barnes turns the faces of Jennifer Lopez, Golden Goose Sale Kate Hudson and other celebs into works of art 112 LegendHe's guided the careers of stars like Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and Bruce Springsteen. And at 71, Clive Davis is still the reigning king of pop

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