Bi and Pan Stories Project

PetraAPetraA CaliforniaPosts: 2
Hi all! I wanted to share with Nerdfighteria the Bi and Pan Stories Project! This is my second round of story collection for this project, the first round was amazing, thanks to everyone who submitted and has inspired a second round of people wanting to contribute.

The Bi and Pan Stories Project is a project I started just after coming out as Pansexual in order to collect the coming out stories of other bi and pan people to gain a better collective understanding of our common experience, and how that experience was shaped by our environments. It has since also grown into a wonderful expression of our community and is something I hope will inspire more bi and pansexuals to feel confident in our identities.

To see the project go to and to submit your story go to this google form. You will be able to specify whether you would like to remain anonymous.

The Nerdfighteria community has been so supportive throughout the past few years and reading your guy's stories and responses continues to be a highlight for me! Thank you so much to anyone who has submitted / is submitting, and thanks to everyone who checks out the project and is able to learn from our experiences and stories. Your support of the community is wonderful :smile:
by PetraA
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