A Trilogy you can read in ANY order??

Hey Nerdfighter fam!

I'm really new to the forums, but I've been a Nerdfighter for years now and I thought, what better place to reach out to folks than in a community that's super into writing!

I've written a Trilogy that can be read in any order the reader chooses! It's being kickstarted right now and could really use some help reaching the goal. I'm hand-illustrating it also so I'm making sure to put in all the work I can to make the project SUPER RAD when it's all said and done.

The trilogy is a sci-fi/fantasy genre with a bit more focus on character development! It follows the life of main character Oliver Sanswicky who struggles with his beliefs in gods, struggles with the wants and needs of others imposing their wills on him.

Without giving too much away here's the first 2,000 words of violas here: http://jkiakas.com/site/index.php/2016/10/01/first-2000-words-of-violas-teaser/

You can also see more details on the kickstarter page itself here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1540426093/vvv-trilogy

So far the project has done really well but I'd definitely need as much help as I can get reaching the goal so I'm reaching out to you folks! If you think any of this sounds neat to you consider backing and maybe sharing the project too!
Thank you so much for reading this!!


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