Stop Unfair Conversion of Swedish IB Students' Grades!

The UHR (the Swedish council for higher education) is proposing to change the entire conversion scale between IB grades and Swedish grades.
Getting a Swedish 20, the highest Swedish grade possible, used to require 40 IB points. They are now considering raising this, so that a Swedish 20 requires 45 points (a perfect IB score). In 2015 about 0.2% of Sweden's IB students score this, and only 0.3% of IB students worldwide score 45. In the Swedish national program Naturkunskap (the natural sciences) 0.8% of the students scored 20 in 2015 – more than four times as many as the number of IB students getting a perfect score. This decision will affect IB students ans well as Swedish universities and companies. Not only is the scale completely unfair towards students but the time scale to amend this proposal is very short.

If you do not agree with the UHR proposal or want to know more, please follow the link below:

and most importantly what are your thoughts on this? Is this fair?
by linnea_wallgren


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    So, getting the highest score in Sweden now equals getting the highest score internationally? Or have I misunderstood you?
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