"Intro to America" project?

Hi y'all!
Jana here, Nerdfighter hailing from the Czech Republic, currently living in Connecticut!

So I got this semblance of an idea for a project that could be real fun and hopefully address some worldsuck. Lately, John and Hank have been talking a lot about immigration and belonging and making new places feel like home (what with this election, amirite...) I've also been doing lots of reflecting on my own life - how having lived in the States for 4 years and looking at 4 more, trying to make a life here but desperately clinging to the life I have (had..?) back at home, etc etc.

Long story short, I thought it might be cool to see if some fellow foreign Nerdfighters living in the US would be interested in sharing experiences of their life here - presumably with the goal of allowing people who are looking to move to the US to get a better understanding of what's ahead, or just for folks looking to learnt about lives of others in this country. This could maybe be a YouTube channel (I have no experience with this) or a blog (same) or something entirely different. It could also contain just about anything - talking about adjusting to operating in a foreign language, culture shocks of all sorts from public transit through groceries to just navigating any darn building (ok, sliding windows are a stuff of nightmares, and why are the keyholes upside down?!) It would also be great to get a wide range of experiences, right? (I'm a white straight cis woman from Central Europe, who's only lived on the East Coast and only been out of college and in the workforce for about a month - not an all-encompassing experience)

Anyways! If you'd be interested in talking through some of this, please let me know! (I guess in the comments...? First time posting, I'm entirely defficient)



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    This seems really cool. However, I live in and was born in the US, so I can't give a story. This project seems very interesting though, so if there's a way I can help let me know!
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