Nerdiscoursia (or some other name)

This project grows out of William Phillips' comment on Hank's new video The Most Interesting Thing I've Ever Done.

To the end of increasing the voice of the politically diverse community in Nerdfighteria, I would propose not that we bring in popular figures from outside our community but that a diverse group of individuals from within the community establish a chain of video position letters as a YouTube channel named Nerdiscoursia.

As an initial framework, the account would be held in common between multiple members of this community (similar to how Vlogbrothers is held in common by the Greens). With a few rules similar to Vlogbrothers (4 minutes for position pieces, longer for collaborative/ interview works, regular updates from primary participants, and a focus on understanding things complexly) I think that this could work very well.

I think that having Hank or John actually take part in the discussion would place additional stress on both the Greens and the community image they have made. (As in "The views expressed in these videos do not reflect the views of the Vlogbrothers" would be hard to maintain with their participation.) But I would hope and ask that they agree to be the "producers"; ultimately ensuring the quality and tone of discourse.

I would love to be part of such a project and hear other peoples thoughts.


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