Writing a story together!

Hii guyss!!

I'm new here (not necessarily Nerdfighteria but to this website) and this is my very first post! So I head this idea that we write a story together... inspired by the large amount of writers here..

So here is how I had it in my mind:

-Everybody can write something differentiating from a short paragraph to a whole chapter
-You can't be the only one writing posts.. (it's supposed to be writing the story together)
-Everything (including names) must be fictional
-Once a main character is chosen you stay with the character traits given
-You can't make up big contradictions in the story (so if a fact is previously stated, then you can't suddenly pretend it isn't a fact)
-It must be written in English

So if anyone is willing to be the first one..... Go ahead!! Maybe I'll edit more or less rules as soon as we have a bit of a story or just post background information and such.

Anyway, I hope it will work out and DFTBA!!
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