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Life on the road with Sheryl Crow is easy ' as long as you wear pajamas.

"There's no sleeping in the nude on the tour bus!" Crow, 45, joked to PEOPLE on the first day of her "Stop Global Warming College Tour," which kicked off Monday at Southern Methodist University in Moncler Men Coats Dallas.

Crow and An Inconvenient Truth producer Laurie David are touring 11 campuses to inform college students about the climate crisis and how they can help stop it. (They also have Moncler Men Jackets a documentary team with them filming the tour.)

"Laurie and I just Moncler Men Vests met in November, and now we're sleeping together," Crow said with a laugh. "On a bus in separate bunks!"

On a more serious note, Crow told PEOPLE: "When I learned how serious global warming is, I wanted to do something to help. So when [Laurie] and I were talking about what we could do, well, my answer to everything is to get on the bus and take it to the people, in true troubadour fashion."

And what is Crow doing to be eco-friendly? "I try to wash my clothes in cold water as much as I can," she said. "I turn off lights in rooms that I'm not using. I drive a hybrid. I'm getting solar panels for my house." Joking with her guitarist, Tim Smith, she added, "To save water, I'm only going to shower once a week, like I did when I was a kid ' on Saturdays."

Also, Crow's tour bus is running on eco-friendly biodiesel fuel. "We're in a bus powered by vegetable oil, so we're craving French fries the whole tour," she said.

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