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Due to Hank's recent-ish video about dogs and the current level of suck in the world, I thought it would be nice to relax and talk about the things we care about. In this case, pets.

I've noticed that most people who own pets love to talk about them, and this includes myself. So feel free to post your own pictures of your pets below or awww over others! Also feel free to share names, stories, however much you want to about our furry (or featherd) friends.

I'll start

This is dog, Brisco. He's a ball of energy but can be really cute and affectionate when he's tired.
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    Kipper on the left; Purranna on the right. He is grey; she bites.

    My sister found Kipper in the bins out the back of the supermarket where she worked; so we kept him because she already had a cat. We found though that he got lonely when Mrs Rollo and I left the house, so we broke Purranna out of kitty gaol.
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    While I'm on this form again

    This was my first dog, Bailey. like Brisco, we got her from a shelter and she's a mix. She died of cancer in 2014. I'd be sad but I have another dog to love now.

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