How unique are you?

A little game I thought of:
Can you name 3 things about yourself so that there is (probably) no other human being on earth, who shares all 3 things with you. What are the 3 characteristics, hobbies, skills... etc. , that would 100% distinguish you from any other person.

Try to name reasonable things, not super specific ("I was born in City XXX at YY.YY o'clock" would be a very boring point to name).
Can you think of 3? Are 3 even enough?

Let me try it:

1) I am studying mechanical engineering (I'm very into science).
2) I learned to knit scarves and gloves
3) I play guitar and piano

Of course there is no way of checking, but I wonder if there is anyone out there who shares all these 3 things with me.
Maybe there is someone right here, who knows


  • snowflake1814snowflake1814 Wisconsin, USAPosts: 39
    edited February 17
    I play clarinet
    I've left the country but not the continent
    I am subscribed to the awesome sox club
    by snowflake1814
    Memento mori
  • MontannaPeachMontannaPeach Posts: 1,751 ✭✭✭
    edited February 21
    I used to volunteer at a therapeutic riding center.
    I've moved an average of once every two to three years in my life.
    I am studying marketing. (I thought that'd be pretty common, but I have yet to meet someone in my college with the same degree. They seem to be all science or English majors.)
    by MontannaPeach
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  • the_one_on_the_leftthe_one_on_the_left The top half of the longest undefended border in the worldPosts: 444
    I have yet to eat sushi
    I briefly met the second best chess player in Canada
    I love to make people do arbitrary things for no reason other than my amusement

    Oh it's you, that familiar pain in my chest.

    Oh it's you, that familiar stab through the breast.

    I loved you,  it was doomed from the start.

    I loved you, holder of the key to my heart.

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