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I'm so happy to hear that How To Adult is coming back! There's so much potential for the channel and so many topics that they were never able to get to in the past.

What do you think are some topics they should cover?
by jenhurler


  • jenhurlerjenhurler CT, USAPosts: 9
    Personally, I really hope that they cover more stuff about personal finance, and delve into some more serious topics beyond things many people experience in college for the first time, like laundry (though that's certainly helpful for some people). I find that as a young professional, the things that I struggle with the most are areas of finance like different insurance (health, car, renters, etc.), 401K, IRAs, retirement, taxes, etc.
    Even things like credit cards and good credit are things that can seriously impact a person's future (for loans, house mortgage, etc.) but we don't cover it at all here, in the US at least.
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    Nice one
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