TFioS - Worth Reading if Potentially Triggered by Some Content?

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I've seen the book come up repeatedly in various suggestions throughout my internet bubble, and I can't help but become curious. Most recently, the film and book were mentioned in todays episode of Shadowhunters.

Recently I've had some rather traumatic issues come up, ribosomopathy causing me to require monthly blood tansfusions and a massive falling out with the only friend I had whom I could relate to on the "illnesses that dramatically reduce QoL and life expectancy," and we are probably never going to speak again. Fresh wounds are fresh.

Would it be worth risking opening up unhealed wounds to read it now, or should I wait to be in a bit of a better state emotionally and physically?


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    First, I want to apologize because I am so sorry for everything you've gone through lately. I want to add that I could never relate to your experience but I have so much respect for you for keeping your chin up.

    I am in no way a professional and in no way should probably actually give you advice on this one, but I'm sure going to try:

    I suggest that you think about the reaction you would have if you read something you felt could bring up these fresh feelings. It is a damn good book, the characters are easy to relate to and become attached to. If you feel like reading something could set you back, maybe you shouldn't. Though, if you feel as if it could be healing to you, try it. You don't have to finish all at once if it becomes hard to read. Make sure you keep your (healthy) support system included.

    I just went through a not so similar, kind of similar situation, so feel free to message me too!
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    I'm open to talking, though I tend to be much more shy about things online, strangely enough.

    I order a used copy (always conflicted on that, it's great to see old books find new readers, but at the same time, I like supporting artists), and I'll take it in my own time. If I can't deal with something, I can always come back to it later.
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    I'm sure you'll love it. And authors definitely support used books. I don't know any great authors who work for the money more than work for the art. Enjoy.
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