once a Nerdfighter, always a Nerdfighter....???

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hey everyone!!! my name is john and i really don't know what I'm doing here.

my friend James (who i met at a Mountain Goats concert and may or may not be in Our Pants) basically reintroduced me to the fandom, and i really want to get restarted again bc i was REALLY into this for a while. like, scarily into this, as in writing DFTBA on my forearm all throughout junior high until my parents made me wash my arm finally.

i guess I'm just a little scared bc i don't know what I'm doing anymore and so many new things have happened and its been 10!!!!! years!!!! since they started and I'm just overwhelmed with reattaching the label of Nerdfighter right away and i don't know what to dooooooooooo

so i guess this is a simple hello and a reacceptance of the Green brothers into my life... am i one of you guys yet??


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    There are so many opinions among the people in the fb groups on who gets to call themselves a nerdfighter or not, and there are idiots all over the world who wants to police who gets to call themselves a nerd or not, how much you must know about the thing and how long you've liked the thing or how dedicated you have to be... but as John and Hank said in one of their old videos: "If you want to be a nerdfighter, then you are a nerdfighter". No matter whether a person just watched their first vlogbrothers video and felt they wanted to join, or have watched every video on the date it was uploaded, everyone is welcome. Be a kind person and talk about your nerdy stuff and participate as much or little as you want! :)
    So yes, you are one of us, we just haven't gotten the opportunity to get to know each other yet :)
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    First of all, welcome back!


    I have a few suggestions of how to get started, or back into it.
    I just discovered vlogbrothers and nerdfighteria last May so trust me, I understand how overwhelming it is!

    Are you a nerdfighter?
    One tumblr says "You should probably watch all 2007 and 2008 videos. Another group says listen to atleast Hank's Harry Potter song. Some say Watch all of their channels and podcasts, etc, etc.

    However, John and Hank, the reasons all of us even call ourselves nerdfighters, responded to the question of how do I become a nerdfighter by saying "If you want to be a nerdfighter, you are one."

    If you feel like that isn't enough
    I'd suggest watching vlogbrothers videos to start. It doesn't really matter how many or which ones, just find some that sound intresting and go! (although maybe watching some recent ones may help you just understand what's been going on recently)

    You could also try reading this wikipedia page on the brothers, which willl give you a quick overview of everything they've accomplished over these last "few" years

    You could subscribe to the newsletter. It doesnt go out very often, average about once a month or so, but it keeps you up-to-date on most of the happenings in nerdfighteria. You could also read recent & older newsletters here.

    You could go to the nerdfighter map to see if there's a group near you

    You could try to listen to Dear Hank & John (also on iTunes). Fair warning: This podcast has many, many, MANY inside jokes. When I joined nerdfighteria I made the decision to try to listen to every episode to understand. Spoiler alert: Listening to an average of 2 per week made it take about 3-4 months. There were 55 when I ended. There are now 82. If you go down this route, I wish you the best of luck.

    Again, as Hank and John best put it, If you want to be a nerdfighter, you are one. So don't stress out!
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    The real question is: what makes a Nerdfighter a Nerdfighter? Isn't it odd how we were all brought together from a social experiment between two brothers?
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    Thinking you are a Nerdfighter, being made of awesome, decreasing worldsuck, these are the things that make us Nerdfighters.

    Also you are one of the closest Nerdfighters to me that I have spoken to, I also come from Iowa, land of the corn.
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