Signed Imperial Affliction

Hello. Due to some recent health issues I am selling some of my collectible items, and I have a signed copy of An Imperial Affliction that I got from 2014's Project for Awesome. I'm loathe to put something like this up on some random selling site, and would rather be able to sell it directly to a fellow nerdfighter directly, rather than some prop collector or signature collector. Is there a forum for doing something like that?



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    I don't know if there is any specific forum for that, but if you're part of the NERDFIGHTERIA! group on facebook, they have a masterlist document with a lot of nerdfighter-related facebook groups. There may be a buy-and-sell group there too, who knows? Otherwise, check the group rules if you may post it in the main group? I don't have any non-facebook-related ideas though.
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