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Hello hello fellow nerdfighters!
I am a teenager in deep conflict, like most are, and thought I'd finally turn to this wonderful community of people for some words of wisdom.
My "problem" is a really common one, a very priviledged one and yet somehow I can't seem to get over it. I am in that one time of life you must choose the course to follow into university, we all know that once you choose the course to study, in most likelyhood you will be working with something related. Now as it so happens, I live in Brazil, we are in a economic crisis, which means life is really expensive, yet there are few jobs that earn very little.
My long term wish and profession I most identify with is to be a journalist, however, journalism is in decay and not only lots of people are getting laid of, most of those who have jobs are paid way less than deserved.
I also considered Law, which has a market that is always open and pays way better. But I am not sure if I would like working with it. I don't usually enjoy working in closed places and having to focus on a static issue for hours.
I want to be clear, I never whished to be rich, I am not longing for having more money than needed.
But I am afraid of being unemployed, not being able to pay my bills and having to go back to my parents house when I become an adult.
I understand just being able to make a choice means I am crazy lucky. But I still worry about making the wrong choice.
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    Making lists with pros and cons can be helpful when you're in a situation where you don't know what to decide. Especially if you make four columns rather than two: important pros, bonus pros, important cons, unimportant-but-still-annoying cons. That way, you get an overview of the situation and you help your guts to see what it is they're having their feelings about.
    Also: is there any way you could combine? Like, study law but taking courses in journalism too, so that you can either become a journalist specialised in legal matters or a law-person specialised in matters of free speech or whatever. (I don't know much about either branch, as you may guess. :P ) Combining would of course mean that you'll have to study harder or a longer time, which may or may not be possible for you to do.
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