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mysticnerdfightermysticnerdfighter PennsylvaniaPosts: 20
Hey, any Nerdfighters here have tattoos? I was just wondering because I just got my third one this past Sunday. My birthday was March 20 so the day before, I went and got DFTBA tattooed on my right wrist.

Here's the ink I have....
On my left shoulder, I have a shamrock because I'm half Irish.

On my right leg, I have this butterfly with the word "Brave" underneath it. The colors are for thyroid cancer awareness. I got this just weeks after my mom was diagnosed with Stage I papalliary thyroid cancer. She beat it and she's been cancer free for close to four years now.

And my most recent, my DFTBA tattoo with an orange semicolon. The semicolon is because I used to self-injure and the orange is for nerve pain awareness and I have one of the rarest nerve pain disorders out there, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

I also have to share this. I tweeted a photo of my newest tattoo on Sunday night and it got a like from Hank!

"There's nothing better than a world where everybody's just trying to make each other laugh.”--Matthew Perry :D

Don't forget to be awesome <3
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