What Do You Look For In A Job?

Can't find a Better Place to Post this Job-Related Survey my friend gave me for an article he's writing. He doesn't get much support, so I thought I'd help out, but I didn't find a "General". Sorry. If this is wrong, I submit. It's just about what you look for in a prospective job.

PS: I don't understand the arabic bit either. Hope it doesn't just say "bananas"

It would be extremely valuable if you could answer/ share this two-page survey about your priorities when choosing a job. Thank you

السلام عليكم،
أتمنى ممن لديه بعض الدقائق أن يجاوب على هذا الإستفتاء القصير باللغة العربية. إنه يتحدث عن أولوياتك في إختيار أي وظيفة ما. النشر مشكور جدا.
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