For the Considerations of the Community - Emergency Divestment of Specimens - ULM Natural History

Good evening,

I would like to bring this to the attention our community as a whole. The University of Louisiana at Monroe has decided to dispose of a vast collection of specimens from their current home for renovations to the facility that it could better accommodate its athletic track program. Under better circumstances, I do not believe this would be such a great concern as appropriate measures would be taken to ensure their continued existence and accessibility. This institution however has shown an overwhelming disregard for culture and intellectual pursuit in its past with two notable events being an unceremonious destruction of a large number of perfectly functional floor looms and a plethora of beautiful and functional recurve bows. That they have done such and other things in the past does lead me to surmise that this organization would not flinch at the thought of a dumpster filled with these specimens which would account for a terrible loss of academic and scientific samples, many of which are local and could possibly be irreplaceable with the climate change problems that the region is experiencing.

The Amber Pawn


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