John Simms has announced his return to Doctor Who

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He posted something online saying "through the magic of time travel the Master is back."

Exactly how he'll be used in the series is still a matter of speculation. It's also been reported that Matt Smith would be returning.

On top of that some claims to have seen Simms and Gomez on set with another person dressed as a classic erra Master. There's also a photo of Capaldi and the guy who portrayed William Hartnel in Adventures in Space and Time whearing his first Doctor costume. The classic era Cybermen are set to return as well.

I think we're getting a Muli-Doctor story and the first ever Multi-Master story taking place probably on Mondos with the origin of the Cybermen. Obviously new actors would be portraying classic era Master as both Rodger Delgado and Anthony Ainsley have past away. Just like the first three Doctors would have to be recast.

Another possibility is that apperently there's been a lot of backlash about the Mistress and there's a possibility that she may have been lying about who she really is. The theory is that she's going to revieal herself as the Rani. Of course there's no evidence to back this up and it seems like a dumb idea. It would of been cool if she was introduced as the Rani originally but to make her the Master and then suddenly go back on it doesn't make any sense. Why would the Rani want to pretend to be the Master?
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    I was thinking that rather than recasting one of the existing incarnations of the Master, what if they cast his previously unseen incarnations.

    What I mean by that, in case you don't already know this... Rodger Degado's Master was the 13th incarnation. He's the first Master that we're introduced to but he says that he had already used up all his regenerations at that point. The Master then survived by taking over the bodies of Tremas, a Trakenite from the planet Traken and later a human police officer named Bruce Gerhardt.

    Some time after that he was granted a new regeneration cycle and recruited for the Time War which he escaped as Professor Yana.

    In any case there are at least 12 incarnations of the Master who have NEVER been seen on screen. Though we have seen the first Master as an 8 year old child.

    Robert Delgado's Master also mentions that the Doctor is reason he used up all his regenerations though the Doctor doesn't seem to remember having anything to do with that. Maybe because it was a Future Doctor so from his perspective he hasn't done it yet. I'm really hoping they cast parts for the previously unseen Masters rather than trying to recast the Rodger Delgado and Anthony Ainley roles because we really don't need to bring those incarnations back and I can't really imagine anyone else playing those parts. With a previously unseen Master cast instead the actor can have more freedom to portray the role any way they want and not be limited by trying to copy an existing Master's appearance and performance.

    I'm kind of OK with recasting past Doctors because there's no room in his history to introduce any new incarnations when we've seen his entire regeneration cycle but with someone like the Master who has at least 12 if not more totally unknown incarnations why not use that to cast new actors as new Masters instead of trying to recreate someone we've already seen?
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