Doctor Who Series 10 episode reviews.

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I'm going to split these reviews up into three parts. Things I liked, things I didn't like, and a spoiler section at the end. The first two parts will not contain any major plot spoilers.

Things I liked. The Doctor's office is very nicely decorated. It reminds me of Professor Chronotis' TARDIS in Shada. Plus I love the attention to detail on the set with the photos he keeps. The episode also reminded me a lot of the first proper Clara episode with the same over all tone and feel. And by the first proper Clara episode if you don't know what I mean by that I'm referring to the first time we actually see the real Clara rather than her copies. I like that this episode kind of sets up the over arching plot for this series. I really want to know what's inside that vault. There isn't really any information on it at this point. I also love the camera work and editing in this episode. The way it's shot and how it transitions to different shots along with the dialog is just amazing. It's kinda hard to impress me with something as simple as aiming a camera so that really says a lot that I'm even noticing the way this episode was filmed.

Things I didn't like. The plot of the episode was kind of predictable. I figured out what the monster of the week was trying to do before the characters in the show did. I'm not really liking Bill at this point, though that could change as her character develops more. It's just kind of the worst introduction to a new companion I've ever seen. There's also something that appears in the episode which should be awesome but just seems kind of random and makes no sense.

One of the photo's on the Doctor's desk was a picture of his granddaughter and first companion, Susan Foreman. I'm wandering if they're ever going to bring her back in this series especially considering this is the first time she's ever been directly referenced in the new era of Doctor Who.

When Bill asks "When someone is gone do photos really help" the camera shows his reaction and then shows a close up of the Susan and River photos on his desk. The next scene is Bill for the first time seeing photos of her mother. This is one of the best shot and edited sequences I have ever seen. It adds to the conversation they were having without anyone actually saying a single word. The actors expressions help this as well. I actually stopped to rewatch this sequence about three times before I finished the episode. The whole thing is like that but this one in particular was really great.

About five to ten minutes before they revealed that Heather was trying to get Bill to travel with her, I had already figured that out. She only ever went where Bill did and she did promise to take Bill with her when she left. There was a moment when I think they were trying to get you to think she was going after the Doctor but the whole thing seemed very familiar. Like the entire plot was almost borrowed from a previous episode. It just made it very predictable and boring. I do kinda wish that Heather had been the companion instead of Bill but maybe that's just because of her asymmetrical eyes. I don't know why I just like weird things like that.

As for why I don't like Bill... she says Doctor What instead of Doctor Who, she sees the Doctor reflected in a mirror in photos of her mother immediately after telling the Doctor that her mother died when she was a baby and she doesn't have any photos of her but then never actually confronts him about it, she sees the Doctor and Nardall at that mysterious door and again never questions it, and it takes her a stupidly long time to realize that the TARDIS is bigger on the inside. At first she calls it a kitchen then thinks it's a lift. In the first scene of the episode the Doctor practically brags about how smart she's suppose to be but then we never actually see her do or say anything intelligent. She comes off as a blooming idiot.

Finally that seeming random thing that shows up for no apparent reason. The Doctor gives Nardall a Sonic Screwdriver... but it's a classic Sonic which was destroyed and replaced and is supposedly the same sonic just with a different outer shell that the Doctor is currently using. And there's no reason why he would even need to do that since the Doctor could of used his own Sonic himself. So something which should of been really cool to see return is instead placed in the show for no reason other than hey here's the classic Sonic Screwdriver which shouldn't even exist at this point.

I have no doubt that the series will get better as there's a Multi-Master story coming at some point and I love the Master but we're off to a bit of a shaky start.
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    Things I liked: Oddly enough Bill... I think there was one moment in the entire episode where she kind of annoyed me but I've already forgotten what that was so couldn't of been too bad. For the most part she was actually pretty good in this episode. Wasn't really expecting to suddenly flip my opinion on her so quickly. Thought it would be a least a couple more episodes of not liking her before this happened if at all. The Doctor's first speech/theory about why there were no people around was really good. He actually convinced me that that's really what he believed at that point. Well I was convinced for about ten seconds before I realized he was only trying to fool the Emoji Bots and keep Bill calm.

    Things I didn't like: This episode was actually really boring. Not just predictable but the trailers and the opening scene pretty much spoil everything that happens later in the episode anyway. In fact I'm not even going to write a spoiler portion for this review because there's freaking nothing to spoil in this episode. If you've seen the emoji bots in the trailers you pretty much already know how this episode turns out. However you imagined this episode being is probably a lot more interesting than the reality of it.
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    Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I wasn't home and I don't have the bottons on my tablet to make Spoiler tags work so I had to wait till I could get to a proper key board. Going to split up Thin Ice and Knock Knock into different posts just so there's no confusion for which episode I'm discussing. With that being said onto the Thin Ice review.

    Things I liked: So far this is my favorite episode for Bill. I loved her in this. She's finally starting to question things which is one of the things she didn't do in the first episode that bothered me so much about her. There's actually several moments in this episode where she reminds me of Clara. There's also some moments in the episode which deal with the time period they happen to be in and her race which during Martha's run I felt like Doctor Who was trying to pretend that issues like that never existed. Please don't misinterpret what I'm saying here. Just because I'm talking about this in the things I like section doesn't mean I approve of it, racism is a terrible thing obviously. I just like that they weren't afraid to acknowledge that period of history. As horrible as it was, it's always a little weird to me whenever shows and movies set in that time period try to pretend like it didn't happen. And I like how pissed off the Doctor got whenever anyone addressed Bill as a lesser being because of her race. This was also the first episode that wasn't so predictable. I thought it was going to go one way and they actually went another way.

    Things I didn't like: There's a scene I'll elaborate on in the spoiler section. Moments like this are why I freaking hate Capaldi's Doctor. This didn't happen so much in series 9 but series 8 it was almost every episode there was a moment like this. I really hope Capaldi is revealed to be the Valeyard by the end of this series because besides being a major jerk... and that's putting it nicely... this incarnation of the Doctor also is the closest match to the description of the Valeyard's origin. Capaldi also kinda looks like an older version of the actor who originally played the character and it could be explained why there's an age difference the same way that they explained Davison's appearance in Time Crash.

    The scene in question is where the Doctor is more worried about his bloody Sonic Screwdriver than saving the life of a child. The fact that he doesn't even seem to care at all that a child just died right in front of him and he did nothing to save him. Any other Doctor would have done anything he could to save that kid and if he really couldn't do anything he would of gotten just as angry and upset as Bill did. Why does this Doctor not give a $#!* whenever someone dies around him? I pretty much liked everything in this episode except for this one moment. Also kind felt like Capaldi was playing two completely different characters in this episode because of this. I mean he punches a guy because he made a racist comment towards Bill but doesn't bat an eye when a child dies. What the hell? How is this the same person?
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    Knock Knock

    Things I like: There's another Susan reference in this episode when Bill refers to the Doctor as her grandfather which is what Susan always called him. I thought it was a nice throw back to the first episode how the photo of Susan and the Doctor's description of Bill seemed to compare the two characters. I also like how she showed the picture of her mom around the room which we know the Doctor is the only reason why she even has that picture from the first episode.

    Things I didn't like: This might just be bias because there was a lot of speculation before this episode came out about who exactly the Landlord was and what this episode was going to be about none of which turned out to be true. And I think the fan theories sounded a lot more interesting than the episode we actually got. One of my personal favorite fan theories involved the Landlord being a Time Lord and the person responsible for the TARDIS-like ship from "the Lodger". I was kind of hoping to see Craig again who was originally introduced in that episode. He knows about Regeneration but has never properly met any other Doctor besides Matt Smith so I think it would be interesting to see him with Capaldi's Doctor. It wasn't really a bad episode for what it was. I'm just kind of disappointed because the fan theory sounded a lot more interesting than the episode we actually got.

    One thing I didn't like that I couldn't mention in that section because it's a spoiler... I don't really get how the wooden lady forgot that her "father" was actually her son. The Doctor tried to explain it but I don't really feel like that explanation actually explained anything. The wood lice preserved her body but not her memory? What does that even mean? Wouldn't he have continued to call her mum for a while even if she didn't remember? I mean exactly how did she forget that was her son? That just doesn't make sense to me. Also didn't mention this in the like section because of the same spoiler but she reminded me of the wood people from the Doctor Who Narnia Christmas Special. I can't remember the actual title right now but it was a reference to Narnia. Actually one of my favorite episodes. I shouldn't really care so much about a family who only appears in that one episode but I do.
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    Things I liked: The opening lecture the Doctor gives. He's done this in a few episodes before but this is the first time he's actually been talking to someone. Before lectures like this kind of broke the 4th wall because he would be talking directly to us. Also the speech was a reference to Star Trek. Liked the fluid link reference which the First Doctor also lied about as an excuse to explore around Skarro the first time he met the Daleks. One other non-Doctor Who reference I noticed and I'm not sure if this was intentional or not but the plot of the episode is about an evil corporation taking your air and then selling it back to you... That's the plot of Space Balls. It's not the exact same plot just enough to be a nice reference rather than a total rip off.

    Things I didn't like: I'm just going to refer you to the spoiler section for this one because there's no way to talk about this without spoilers.

    This episode pulled a fake out on killing Bill TWICE. One fake out is bad enough but two in the same episode? The first one happens when the suit forces her to remove her helmet. I was kind of OK with that one. I'm kind of glad that at least there was a negative effect of this not a suddenly everything is fine again. The second one however the cope out of oh the battery in her suit was too low to actually kill her so it just knocked her out for a bit. that was completely unnecessary. I don't normally get annoyed at fake outs like this I mean Clara has come close to death multiple times but having two in the same episode is what really bothers me.
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    Hello Sweeties... SPOILERS!

    On the face of it, Oxygen looks like a play on the zombies trope until you realise that it is the suits themselves which are alive and the people inside them aren't undead, they're just plain dead.

    I also like how the villain of the week here isn't zombies but uncaring capitalism. I wonder if that's a covert attack on the May Government re: the BBC itself.

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    I'm actually not sure how I feel about that which is why I never bothered to mention it. Part of me still wants to call them that even though I know they're not.
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