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Do you wear tighty whities? A metrosexual would never be caught dead in a pair of tighty whities. Given the choice, they would rather go without any underwear at all than succumb. And come to think of it, going commando sounds pretty good to a metrosexual (maybe in his new leather pants)!

Go to the beach. Sri Lanka has so many beaches within easy reach of the capital. In fact, in Colombo, the capital, you can walk to the beach from many hotels. Galle Face Hotel is right on the ocean with sunsets that defy description. Absolutely modern, but with the feel of the British Raj. Enjoy a seaside dinner at Mt. Lavinia Hotel, a magnificent tradition with memories of the past whispering around you. Right now, prices are very affordable and the sun is reliably warm.

1. Remember, never iron velvet directly. Doing this will leave semi-permanent marks and scruffs on the velvet plush. The basics of removing wrinkles from velvet are to expose the wrong side of the velvet (plush side down) to the steam of your iron. You could set off steam from your iron by setting it to its steam position.

Check out the outlet stores. There are outlet stores in New York City that you can try, such as Factory Outlet on Broadway and Nordstrom Rack Union Square, which is located at East 14th Street. If you're willing to drive to Jersey, you'll find great outlet stores that carry maternity clothes.

Some cultural backgrounds can be easily identified by the shape and color of traditional garments they wear and the beautiful colorful fabrics used to create such garments. Traditional Indian clothing is known for just that. It's bold, colorful and very unique.

Drink fluids. Having a fever can cause the body to be dehydrated. It is important that you keep yourself hydrated by drinking Golden Goose Sneakers lots of fluids when you have fever. Refrain from drinking fluids that are high in sugar content. It is better to stick with drinking water or some sports drinks. Sports drinks will help in replacing the electrolytes in your body.

Today I would like to submit for your consideration an idea that belongs in the (now defunct) SkyMall catalog - the receptacle famous for taking different bad ideas of things that you Golden Goose don't need and combining them into unnecessary gizmos. Need a new bidet sprayer? No? Need a digital accessory caddy? No? Why not combine the two!

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