your local Golden Goose Sneakers craft store

Bright clothes - Mosquitoes locate you by sight and smell. It may seem backward, but mosquitoes are attracted to darkness - think about stagnant water. It's usually surrounded by bugs! So do your best not to look like a dark pool. Wear bright clothes to keep mosquitoes away from you, and closer to those pools of water.

ScissorsSeveral empty trash bagsPurchase the materials. Head to your local army surplus store to purchase a duffle bag. The heavy canvas material is perfect and the long, cylinder shape will make a great heavy bag. Choose a duffle without zippers if possible. Then visit your local Golden Goose Sneakers craft store for foam sheets at least two inches thick. An old foam mattress pad also might work.

Removing permanent ink stains from skin. Use diluted bleach to remove permanent ink stains from your skin and then wash with lots of soap and warm water. Other methods of removal include using wet baby wipes, grape jelly (!!), waterless hand sanitizers, hair spray, nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, toothpaste, olive oil, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, etc.

Sweet sixteen party themes are super popular. In addition to the Mardi Gras and America's Next Model ideas mentioned above, there are dozens of different themes out there. A theme can be carried throughout the invitations, event and even in the favors. Therefore, you should take some time determining a fun theme. Consider ones from Fashion Glam and Formal Balls to Alice in Wonderland, Go Green (for the sustainability crowd), Makeover, Sleepover, Karaoke, Diamond Princess, and even the old Toga Party. Our personal favorite is the Limo Scavenger Hunt. You can never go wrong with a limo. (My apologies to the Green party people.) A survey by one party site concluded that the most popular theme was a glow-in-the-dark neon dance party. The important thing is that the theme reflects your daughter's desires or interests. If she's a jock, go with sports. If she adores New York, have a Big Apple party. Fluent in French? Golden Goose How about a Paris themed brunch with crepes, berets and cappuccino (if you dare)?

A seamstress is a woman who earns a living or works by sewing. A male seamstress is called a seamster. The basic skill a seamstress needs to know is how to sew. He or she need not have other skills to make clothes from scratch or to fit sewn clothes on a real body. A seamstress is not synonymous to a dressmaker.

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