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There was an unproduced Doctor Who story called The Dark Dimension which would of taken place in an alternate universe where that Doctor never regenerated passed his 4th incarnation. It was to be a multi-Doctor story which would of also featured 3, 5, 6, and 7. The later Doctors would either be from the main universe since they don't exist yet in the Dark Dimension or they'd be from the future. Anyway the story is primarily focused on 4 who I assume travels with an alternate universe version of Ace.

Anyway I'm bringing this up because I'm curious. What if you were to write a Doctor Who story that takes place in an alternate universe. You can take any Doctor and extend that incarnation's life span beyond his normal years. How would you do it and what else would be different as a result of the Doctor regenerating at a different time.

What I would do is start with Utopia. Two TARDIS' arrive in Cardiff. One disguised as a Port-a-potty intercepts Jack Harkness before he can make it to the Doctor's TARDIS. Jack still ends up causing a TARDIS to travel to the end of the universe it's just not the Doctor's. The door to the Port-a-potty opens and Jack hears a mysterious voice call for him to come in. "I'm not sure why but my TARDIS doesn't seem to like you. Why is that?" He says while scanning Jack with his own Sonic Screwdriver. "Doctor? Is that you?" Asks Jack to the mysterious Time Lord. "I'm You from the Future." replies the Time Lord. "That's impossible you look nothing like me." Jack says in a tone that implies he thinks he's better looking but is trying to be nice and not actually say it. "No, my name is You and I'm from the future. I was introducing myself. You know we Time Lord get to pick our own names, I choose mine just so I could confuse people like that whenever I introduce myself." Jack gives this look like he's trying not to laugh. "Where's the Doctor, this was suppose to bring me to him not you." Jack holds out the container with the Doctor's severed hand inside it. "I could send out a signal to your friend's TARDIS using this to pin point his location." You hooks up a few wires from the main console to the hand container. "If this Doctor of yours is out there anywhere in time he should be able to follow that homing beacon and follow us here... Where ever here is."

After the Doctor arrives there's a discussion between him an You and how the Doctor thought he was the only Time Lord left. Oddly You never seems surprised and everyone seems to think that there's something he's not telling. Anyway, the rest of the story plays out pretty much the same. Except now after the Master steals the Doctor's TARDIS they can just follow him in You's TARDIS instead of using the Vortex Manipulator.

You would leave the story just before the Doctor gets his TARDIS back from the Master. At which point Jack would finally remember to actually tell the Doctor about the hand in the jar that is now in You's TARDIS.

Everything else after this point would pretty much stay the same as the main universe until we get to Journey's End where the Doctor regenerates into Matt Smith because he doesn't have the spare hand there to throw the excess regeneration energy into. As a result of this Doctor Donna wouldn't have happened either and there would be no Meta-Crisis Doctor to cross over into that alternate universe with Rose. Of course if Doctor Donna didn't happen then the Doctor would have no reason to erase her memory. I really don't like her but as a consequence of what I'm trying to do I suppose this means that she would continue to travel with the Doctor for his next few adventures. So everything after this would be slightly altered because of Matt Smith's Doctor being around earlier and Donna Noble continuing to travel when her main universe counterpart didn't.

You would return at the end of the Waters on Mars story. Just as the Doctor and Donna are about to leave You's TARDIS appears. You comes out as says "Doctor, I forgot to give this back to you before I left before." The Doctor takes his spare hand and responds "You didn't forget. Why would you pick this moment to finally bring it back, why would you leave the way you did in the first place. It all seems very planned." You struggles to come up with an answer. "Jack told me you said you were from the future. You know what's suppose to happen next don't you. You're trying to change history. You know I had some vanity issues in that last incarnation, if you hadn't stolen this before I wouldn't be here now would I? I'd still be him." You nervously finally comes out and admits it. "Oh right yes, I'm sorry. I tried to do this like it was all an accident but I intentionally went to Cardiff to stop Jack from meeting you there because I knew it was the only time I could get your hand. I always planned to return it to you at this moment right before you'd need it so you can regenerate and keep this face." A little puzzled the Doctor continues "I'd already figured that out, what I don't understand is why, why go through all this trouble?" You responds "Because you're my Doctor. You're the reason I stole a TARDIS, you're the reason I lived out all of my incarnations as an actor on Earth... had to play in a romantic comedy against myself once that was awkward, I even modeled my Sonic Screwdriver after yours... well you haven't got it yet and it's not exactly the same but you'll see soon, very soon." The Doctor responds "And what happens if I don't use this. What are you going to do then?" You explains "I'm not a threat to you Doctor but your next incarnation, he's the last. You will get another regeneration cycle but you need to stay as you are, she won't help him." You retreats into his TARDIS as the Doctor yells "What do you mean that? She who? What is my next incarnation like, why wouldn't she help him the same as she would me?"
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    The End of Time would play out mostly the same way it did before except that because Donna is still a companion her grandfather doesn't need to keep secrets from her. Donna would still be getting married and it's actually for this reason that she decides to leave the Doctor finally. When the Doctor gives her the wedding present it plays out much differently because of her remembering and instead of not knowing who he is she actually tells him that she doesn't want to travel with him anymore. The Doctor would again be alone in the TARDIS and regenerate. He contemplates if he should use the hand or not up to the very end when he finally decides to toss the remaining energy into his spare hand. Because it is a David Tenant hand, rather than turning into another Matt Smith the hand still turns into another David Tenant. However because Donna isn't there this time the clone isn't part human like the main universe Meta-Crisis Doctor. This Meta-Crisis Doctor is completely Time Lord.

    The Eleventh Hour would then take place with the two Doctors instead of 1. The Doctor wouldn't know what to do with Meta-Crisis because Rose's world has already been completely cut off. When the Doctor gets his new Sonic Screwdriver he realizes that there are indeed similarities to the design of You's Sonic. You would return at this point in the story. "What are going to do with him?" The Doctor would ask. "You'll find out soon enough Doctor."

    The rest of the series would be exactly like it was until we get to the Day of the Doctor. Because of the regeneration being off set Matt Smith would have already been the Doctor during the time that David Tenant's Doctor was pulled from. And indeed we would see Matt Smith's Doctor with Donna Noble trying to go to that time period but the TARDIS isn't wanting to land there. He receives a communication from You. "Sorry Doctor, you can't show up your wedding looking like that. She needs to see him to maintain the time stream, it's a fixed point. Wish I could tell you more but you'll find out soon enough. The rest of the episode would play out almost as normal except Meta-Crisis would replace 10 in the story and he'd be traveling with You. At the point where 11 changes his mind You says "This is why you're my favorite. You're the Doctor who saved Gallifrey. This is why I went through so much trouble to extend the life of this incarnation. And Clara, the girl who saved the Doctor. Don't worry about him, I have plans when we meet again on Tenzalore."

    The Time of the Doctor is when things get weird. Meta-Crisis would be left there by You so far in advance of these events that he would have already died and regenerated into another Matt Smith. Things would be almost the same except when the Doctor arrives for the first time the people in Christmas will instantly recognize him as the Doctor mistaking him for Meta-Crisis. People are a bit confused why he doesn't already know the name of the town and who the girl he's with is until they realize that this is a different Doctor from the one they know. Still not trusting You or the Meta-Crisis Doctor, the real Doctor takes the TARDIS traveling to different points in the future watching Meta-crisis do everything he would have done himself. Finally as Meta-crisis is about to die he explains how this is his last incarnation. Even though he was grown from a hand he was still a part of the Doctor, all the regenerations before then still count. Clara asks the Time Lords to help him, both of him. However because Meta-Crisis isn't even suppose to exist he is instead exiled to another universe... He ends up in the main universe during the 6th Doctor's era as the Valeyard. Real Doctor in You's universe still in his Matt Smith incarnation is still granted a new regeneration cycle. Clara asks what happen to the other Doctor. The Doctor believes that because he was never meant to exist in the first place that the Time Lords just let him die.

    Because the Doctor never actually lived through that time himself he didn't age himself to death the way that main universe 11 did. Meta-Crisis did that for him. So series 8, 9, and 10 would play out with Matt Smith still being the Doctor. He would finally regenerate into Peter Capaldi at the end of series 10 which would have even more untold effects on future events with all his regenerations being off set.

    You would show up again whenever the Mistress does. He seems to do that a lot leading the Doctor to speculate that You is the Master/The Mistress or works for him/her. Except at this point he's no longer trying to interfere in the Doctor's time line. Again the Doctor him "What was this all for?" You tells him "I told you, you're the one who inspired me. Not just any Doctor but the one you are right now. I just wanted to meet you before I die and I couldn't do that unless I messed with your history a little bit. Everything still works out the way it's suppose to... a little better I think. Attack eye brows is kind of a jerk but I can't hold him back forever. He's still coming." The Doctor replies "What do you mean before you die? How many regenerations do you have left?" You smiles and answers "None, I lived out all of my regenerations posing as various human actors. Till I got to this one that is, then I realized this was my last chance to meet the famous Doctor. The man who made bow ties cool. I will always remember when you were the Doctor." Finally the Doctor asks. "Why did you really choose the name You, it couldn't have been just for joke." You responds "I am You and you are me, it's the promise I made, that everyone is to treated as an equal, that I would always treat those I meet the same way I wish to be treated." The Doctor responds. "You've broken your promise. You extended my life span but that's not what you want is it?" You responds. "Perhaps it was just for the joke then." And we leave it with that ambiguous ending leaving to audience to figure out which statement was actually true about You's name.
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