Infodumping: A Podcast About Anything At All

WispsWisps Washington StatePosts: 1
So I have Autism, and I Infodump a lot.
For those of you who don't know what Infodumping is in relation to Autism, it's pretty much what it looks like. It's when someone talks for a long time about a specific topic, sharing practically every piece of info they know about that topic without holding back. Usually, this can make a somewhat awkward situation in a social setting, but for those who WANT to hear an infodump, it can be quite interesting.
The idea I had was that I would create a podcast with me and at least one other participant who may or may not change depending on the episode, and we would go into rants about whatever topics we felt like, usually sticking to an overall theme.
The topics that I enjoy the most relate to various forms of entertainment, specifically Video Games, TV Shows, and Movies, and more often then not will launch into rants about those topics.
If this idea seems interesting to you, and you would like to participate in some way, let me know. You can either contact me here or on tumblr at
I'm pushing really hard to have this project involve at least one other person for various reasons ranging from comedic exchanges to having a reason not to get stuck in a cycle of procrastination, and I feel like it would be very difficult to make something like this purely on my own.
If you have any questions for me, as well, feel free to ask.


  • loomhigh223555loomhigh223555 Posts: 8
    My god, if we mention death and comedy...oh my god...

    ...its burning.
    I'm in! Especially since I ran out of dear hank and john.
    If you want you can gmail me, simply because I do not have a tumblr because I can't be bothered plus this might annoy you and that may or may not call for some entertaining podcast.
    yours indubitably,
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