What is your opinion about online friendships/romantic relationships that can only remain online?

Like, let's say you find someone you can connect with, you are really good friends with them. And you wish to have romantic relationship with them, but you now that you will never meet them. What do you do then? Is it better for my own mental sanity to just break it off right now? Because I am not sure i can just pine for someone I can never have.

Now knowing most of you good people here, you'll just say wait for them and stay friends. But I'm just not cut out for that. Logic states that I should just cut it off with them to save pain in the future.

I would like to hear both sides of the discussions. The pros and cons of doing both.

What do you think?



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    I don't know if I could come with much aid here, since I can't really imagine myself doing anything but the silently pining for the person. I do however wonder if this is something you could talk to the person about? Maybe you don't feel like that's a good idea, or maybe the person could help you in your decision.
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